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TONIGHT!  This exhibition opens!   Be there!  If you can but to invite you. 

Was very difficult since I moved from Surrey BC to Vancouver BC. 

For the Dine’ and Deneh language video project, I found the main people.  So glad after looking and looking for them.  The Research and Creation Project Proposal for Canada Council has to be finished by end of March 2019.  2 months to get it done. 





Dine’-Dene-athabaskan Language Video will be a personal, experimental documentary-drama that will focus upon Canada’s Na Dene and United State’s Dine’ fluent athabaskan speakers, the state of it. Our Indigenous languages in North America are in a crisis, in particular my Dine’ language.

To clarify this type of grant, prep grant or pre-production grant I call it, normally does not provide participant fees for their knowledge, but Research & Creation for Canada Council for the Arts does. For Native people and a docu like this, this is good.

Will place this on Indigenous sites. I know of some. If you know any sites for athabaskan speakers from Canada & US I am seeking, let me know. Reply to my facebook or vimeo sites or my blog. Thank you.


Warm day in Surrey BC.  Will get warmer this week which I like.  This week will help Mark to record songs he wrote.  He’s been rehearsing the songs.  Bought the back up strings in case the strings break.

Don’t usually write a journal here all the time.  Thursday I felt sad because it’s stressed out.  Kept thinking I miss where I come from and the places I lived.

I try and try and try.  To be a filmmaker is hard especially being  a Dine’ female filmmaker.

I can only go by myself because I do not speak with other Indigenous women about this directly.  I cannot give up now although sometimes I feel like it.  The US fed govt would like Indigenous to give up on it, their resist, which is where I am.  It’s because of the history of US that I disdain a messed up history to deny the real history.  Reading about Modoc history in N CA & S Ore.  Sad.  Sad with every tribe.