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Mark, Gary T and I drove on a day trip to visit Hope BC and Box Canyon this last Monday.  Lots of warm sunshine..

Gary Todd painted. He said he hadn’t painted in a long time. We explored by walking around the area.  Here are the still photos from the trip.

1 IMG_5146 paint 2 IMG_5155 paint 3 IMG_5130 paint 4  IMG_5129 paint 5 IMG_5132 paint 6 IMG_5252 Hope town paint 7  IMG_5134 paint 8 IMG_5133 paint IMG_5144 paint IMG_5159 paint IMG_5162 paint IMG_5165 paint IMG_5181 paint IMG_5183 paint IMG_5185 paint IMG_5187 paint IMG_5194 paint IMG_5195 paint IMG_5212 paint IMG_5213 pathway paint IMG_5215 pussy willow paint IMG_5218 paint IMG_5223 gray rock paint IMG_5233 paint IMG_5260 paint IMG_5263 paint IMG_5272 paint IMG_5275 paint 


I saw the April issue of Vanity Fair 2015. Article was about women behind the camera: Kathryn Bigelow, Sofia Coppola, Angelina Jolie and others.  A whole array of women filmmakers , but most were White.  I noticed not any mention of Indigenous women filmmakers and other women of color filmmakers except for Ava DuVernay, an Afro-American director of Selma.  It is not surprising how much we are ignored especially with a topic such as this.  Always I have to bring it up.  Come on!  Why are well-known women behind the camera featured?  Yes these women have made films and videos.  I accept Sofia Coppola and Bigelow’s inclusion presently but to constantly ignore us.  What about the rest of the other women filmmakers? Other filmmakers deserve to be noticed, shot and written about, too.  The mainstream film and television media much lacks to expose Indigenous women filmmakers and writers.  It is a fact.  Usually it happens. I express this too because I am an Indigenous filmmaker, Dine’ filmmaker.  Also is it because the editor of Vanity Fair does not know information about Indigenous women filmmakers that they exist?  They exist. I do not understand.  If a person investigates material a lot on the internet she/he can find information about Indigenous women filmmakers in the U.S.  Or search the universities; for example, the American Indian Studies Program, Campbell Hall @ UCLA in Los Angeles. Such a department exists. There are other similar departments at other universities.  Not all universities have them. Search the university, Native American libraries for leads.  To search at the actor, director and writer guilds. These are some routes to take for information about us.  There  needs to be a place to go for such information. I hope to organize such an organization in the future.  Mean time I will write about it to express we’re alive and well out there as Indigenous women filmmakers.   

1 IMG_00502 IMG_9539 3 Openingx 1 Chris OlemanIMG_0017 2 Chris  Oleman IMG_0051 3 Hailsa Collins 4 Hailsa Collins 6 Lori Fox AIMG_9885 5 Jacqueline West altered 6 Lori fox IMG_9886 7 Georgina Wing IMG_9983 8  Rose Marie Frances JewelryA 9  Khell Roo  IMG_9961 8 Collins, Wing, Oleman IMG_0010 10  Jacq's Quewezance exhibit 11 Veronica Iza exhibit 12 Video screen b1 abstillphotoexhibit 2 Georgina Wing's blanket & video flat screen ab 3 Caroline Lowe front of Ab's exhibit1 IMG_9531 copy 2 IMG_9566 4 IMG_9578 6 IMG_9583 7 IMG_9585 8 IMG_9589 9 IMG_9594 copy 10 IMG_9597 copy 11 IMG_9602 copy 12 IMG_9605veronica sings1Sign  IMG_9848 2 Paintings Missing&Murderedwomenexhibit 3 3 women speakers IMG_9645 copy 4 Doris Fox and women IMG_9654 copy 5 3 women speakers IMG_9659 copy 6 audience IMG_9662 copy