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Canadian Shield

My purpose is to meet the participants for Our Language video about athabaskan speaking Indigenous peoples who live in Canada and US. To find out solutions to learn the language such as myself, a Dine’ from AZ. The people in Canada I met know their language fluently and culture. I am learning a lot about it. Forces me to think hard about what will the production be about, the sharp focus. Many Indigenous do not know their language and cultures well. Long stories. Some articles have been written about it from Indigenous writers. Hope is present although it is difficult to find ways to learn the language. Sometimes hope is a glimmer. Takes a lot of work. For example, to speak the language with kids and everyone in everyday situations. Since this world is dominated by English….another story…..Good to speak to these people who are so dedicated to preserve and revitalize their Indigenous languages. It’s one thing to read about this but it is better to actually travel and go “there,” meet the Dine’ and Dene Indigenous peoples & view their lands. For me this is very different than AZ & New Mexico landscapes where the Dine’ live. First peoples of the lands. These people lived here for many many many……years and have survived the colonization. A reminder-UN declared 2019 year of the Indigenous language.

Picture – on my way to Lutseike’ NWT. Rocks called Canadian Shield formed many many…..years ago.

This exhibition began July 25 19 at the Round House. Opening was that night. Interesting. Workshops happened August 1-4th. I attended each workshop. Actually I did not know what I was going to shoot and show for exhibit. Chose the trip I travelled through U.S. during 2016, 260 still photographs. Exhausting to choose pictures, which picture would make it. 4 sd cards, 35 and 64 gbs had to review.

So now I am hurrying and trying to get things done that held off since January 2019. Each day I do them. Glad to complete them.

I love the summer heat a lot. Drifts through the kitchen window. Shines on the stove. Where I come from Phoenix AZ, I am use to very hot heat. It does not bother as it does to people who live here. I can tell the people do not like it as much as me.

TONIGHT!  This exhibition opens!   Be there!  If you can but to invite you. 

Was very difficult since I moved from Surrey BC to Vancouver BC. 

For the Dine’ and Deneh language video project, I found the main people.  So glad after looking and looking for them.  The Research and Creation Project Proposal for Canada Council has to be finished by end of March 2019.  2 months to get it done.