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Warm day in Surrey BC.  Will get warmer this week which I like.  This week will help Mark to record songs he wrote.  He’s been rehearsing the songs.  Bought the back up strings in case the strings break.


Don’t usually write a journal here all the time.  Thursday I felt sad because it’s stressed out.  Kept thinking I miss where I come from and the places I lived.


I try and try and try.  To be a filmmaker is hard especially being  a Dine’ female filmmaker.


I can only go by myself because I do not speak with other Indigenous women about this directly.  I cannot give up now although sometimes I feel like it.  The US fed govt would like Indigenous to give up on it, their resist, which is where I am.  It’s because of the history of US that I disdain a messed up history to deny the real history.  Reading about Modoc history in N CA & S Ore.  Sad.  Sad with every tribe.





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Above drawing happened today.  A Dine’ man’s pony was hurt.  Viewed pony with his mother.  He lives on Navajo Reservation owns and manages a herd of horses and cattle. What a brave person to do that.  A lot of responsibility.


Oscelots may not get to cross the border so easy if Trump puts the wall up.  So sad for these animals to treat them like that.

You know how I feel about Trump.  He’s empty as Comey said. Will not talk about him a lot.

I wrote above article for the Megaphone.  

Earth Day began April 22 1970 in US.  I attended ASU when it happened.  The U had booths and information about it.  About the environment I still see a lot of garbage being thrown into the streams here in Surrey BC.  Latest tragedy is seeing this refrigerator being set down near a stream.  It made me so mad.  Are people really that lazy that they can’t take this refrigerator to the recycling place.  Cannot believe people.  People are so lazy: ” Let’s set it down here.  No one’s gonna notice.”  We got to do better than this!