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Monthly Archives: December 2007

“This blog will consist of various types of writings, still photographs and video streams/uploads,” which was the aim in August 07.  It was published today because I had to figure out how to do this. 

Arlene of the Graffiti 


Dec 28 07 – Friday

In this blog are still photographs, scanned colors slides shot with nikon and nikormat cameras, the old style and essays.  I do not own a digital camera but I wish I did.  I will purchase a camera this 08.

Well, we didn’t go to the open mike because we do not have the money to pay for the gas.  I did all that work.  Not going to get into it why it didn’t happen.  That’s the way it goes. Hopefully there will be more hopeful things to happen for 08.

I take that back about rehearsing songs.  When I rehearse with Mark to do our songs and if we have an open mike, we do it as much as we can.  On Dec 28th I wanted to videotape our open mike performance. It’s extra work but I wanted to do it.  This place is located very close to us, which is the good part, a 5 min. drive.  

It snowed here yesterday.  I do not drive much on snow roads.  I try to avoid it actually.  Mostly I grew up in S AZ and lived in LA most of life in the deserts, drier weather where it rarely snows.  Most people adapt I guess, but I haven’t gotten use to the colder weather here.  In AZ it snows in N and Central E/AZ in the mountains.  My grandmother lived in that area. My relatives still live there. The Navajo Reservation or Dine’ land, what I call it is located in NE/AZ, east of the Grand Canyon, NW New Mex. and SE Utah.  It’s apart of the AZ high desert.  Most everyone I meet has this stereotype of AZ that it looks like the Sonoran desert in Phoenix, but it isn’t that way.  The Grand Canyon, some of the Navajo Rez and some parts of mid-eastern AZ where the White River Apache live have higher altitudes.  Lots of ponderosa pine and sage live there.  Some parts of those areas look very similar to Kamloops, BC.  It reminds me of home, except the color of the sand in Kamloops is beige, while on the Navajo Rez it is red/brown/orange.   The red/orange/brown sand matches the color of my skin.  

Dec 27 07 – Thursday

Mid-morning  I rehearsed with my partner for an open mike performance to be held at the Delta Arts Council Open Mike, at a older firehall located in Delta, BC early tomorrow night.  It is not a typical open mike.  We pay a cover of about $4.  The open mikes I’ve been to, don’t charge fees.  It is not a bar.  Usually open mikes take place in bars or restaurants.  The people who run it are friendly, though.  Do not know many people in town.  Besides being a filmmaker I perform open mikes sometime. Maybe other filmmakers perform out there, but I never  meet such filmmakers. Tomorrow we will play/sing Ca Dreamin, a cover song.  Mark will play original songs he wrote.  2 of his songs play within my Graffiti mini dv experimental drama.  I will play/sing another cover song I know: Hoochie Coochie Man (I sing Woman instead of Man) with the harmonica.  I wrote a song for the Graffiti called Southern Dreamin that video I told you I am editing and finishing up.   I created S. Dreamin with Garage band a software. I like it a lot. It’s the first song I truly ever wrote/sang and made through out, the way Mark and Bob Dylan make songs from scratch, the whole 9 yards.  

When we went through a single run through of Ca Dreamin this weekend, we both hit the mark for it pretty good, to sing the correct melody and play the melody on the guitar the way we sing/play it.  Today it was difficult to hit the mark for it.  I sing the song in a low alto voice. Mark says it’s a difficult short song to play.   We don’t sing/play the song often.  I played the Mamas and Pappas song over again to see how they play/sing it, the version I go by.  Only other instrument missing is the flute.  I reheard how the tamborine plays.  Might play that tomorrow night.  I’ve done it here and there. Even sung songs acapella sometimes at places I’ve been invited to.  I do not really rehearse a lot for stuff like this. Once Mark and I sang/played about 4-5 songs for First Nations elders in the summer time. They sat in a stadium type of situation. The sound system was not that good, but we managed to do it.  To play live under all kinds of situations is good training for performers such as us.  

Once I wanted to be still photographer.  I haven’t given it up really.  I shoot videography instead, use it and practice shooting digital video.  I  was the dp of THE GRAFFITI,  the newest mini dv I wrote, created and produced, an experimental drama about racism. I wore many hats in that production, literally. 

There were slide shows of still photos to view within this blog under the December and November headings at the bottom of this page, but not anymore. One of the slide shows quit putting on sthe lide shows.  So I had to delete these pages.  I had slide shows of cats, landscapes of Canada, SW/US, Navajo Rez, some cars I owned and LA area.   Now I will have to only insert still photos.  I liked those slide shows but I cannot rely upon these software companies.  I can pull out when they want to and then the blog maker who has still photos is left stranded.  There are very few people I shot pictures of within those batches, but most were close friends.  I’ve shot self portraits of myself all my life.   I luv landscapes.

Arlene Bowman of THE GRAFFITI