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Dec 21 07  It looks like this goes online because I looked it up using Google.  It’s fun to do.  I was not sure at first. I will upload more still photos  soon, but not today. Been scanning at lot of color slides and black and white negatives I took in the past. Cannot afford a digital still photo camera now but I will purchase one. It will not be a fancy slr type, although that is what I want eventually.Mostly I’m trying to finish a polished edit of an experimental mini digital video drama called the Graffiti about the racism a First Nations woman encounters.  It’s almost finished.  Hooray!   Been working at the editing of it for 2 years.  This year I worked  solely upon the sound edit.  I’m happy that will be finished.  I want to get on with my life.  It’s a huge responsibility.   No matter how hard a video project is, the problems I have or whatever, I finish what I start, which is a positive part of my characteristic as a Dine’ filmmaker. Enclosed is my Xmas card for 07. Arlene of the Graffiti        


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