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Once I wanted to be still photographer.  I haven’t given it up really.  I shoot videography instead, use it and practice shooting digital video.  I  was the dp of THE GRAFFITI,  the newest mini dv I wrote, created and produced, an experimental drama about racism. I wore many hats in that production, literally. 

There were slide shows of still photos to view within this blog under the December and November headings at the bottom of this page, but not anymore. One of the slide shows quit putting on sthe lide shows.  So I had to delete these pages.  I had slide shows of cats, landscapes of Canada, SW/US, Navajo Rez, some cars I owned and LA area.   Now I will have to only insert still photos.  I liked those slide shows but I cannot rely upon these software companies.  I can pull out when they want to and then the blog maker who has still photos is left stranded.  There are very few people I shot pictures of within those batches, but most were close friends.  I’ve shot self portraits of myself all my life.   I luv landscapes.

Arlene Bowman of THE GRAFFITI


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