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Whew! Most all of the day I scanned black and white color slides of photos I took early on in my life.  It’s very time consuming to do this. I started still photography, taking pictures when I was at Cortez High School at 14 years old because Cortez High was one of the few high schools that had still photography classes.  When I learned how to take photos, I learned the older style—the whole 9 yards—shoot, process film and print the pictures, as students we used a can opener to open the 2 1/4″ film canister and rolled this film onto a clear plastic apron in the dark, and then poured the photo chemicals, water, dk-76, water bath, fix and finally the last water bath into the canister in separate processes until the film was processed. At that time I shot with a  2 1/4″ yashica and black and white film. Later on at ASU Art Dept. and San Francisco Art Institute I rolled and winded 35mm black & white film into a 35 mm metal holder.

Still photography can be very creative; yet, very technical at the same time.  Videography is the same as well.   Will write more about this later on.

The newest scanned stuff are:  my matralineal grandparents and friends.  Will add photos about the Dine’ Sand Springs Community later on.

I am searching for inexpensive venues to show The Graffiti to the cast and crew sometime during the early 08.



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