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Last night couldn’t finish changing the oil in my 71 VW bus because I had a tough time to get that metal oil filter out from underneath the car.  People who work on VW bugs, Karman Ghias and buses know what I mean.  Plus, it was too cold to sit and lie underneath the car.  Things have frozen around the last 2 days, but it’s a break from the rain.  At least the sun came out yesterday and today.  I feel a little heat from the sun on my skin when I stand in it.  I never had such a tough time before to change the oil.  Usually it’s the easiest job on the VW to repair. So I called it quits by 4:00 p.m.; also, the light was going. 

This morning returned to finish the job around 11:30 or 12:00 noon.  I cleaned the parts of the car related to the oil last night and had to reinsert them in place today. The metal filter was difficult to put back.  I think it took a half hour to put it back after a lot of swearing.  Some mechanic who changed the oil on my VW bus glued a cardboard from the oil change kit onto the metal.  Frustrated I pulled myself out from underneath the car and looked straight up.  There was Mark my partner who came out to see what I was doing. What else do I immediately view overhead,  over my bus and Mark?! A huge eagle soared and circled large circles in the sky.  It was a mature eagle with a wide wing span, a white head and tail. At that moment, I made a prayer. As I looked nearby in another part of the sky, I saw another one circling, but after awhile that second eagle took off to head east just as eagles do.  The eagle flew fast.  The eagle overhead stayed a while with us. Looked around in other parts of the sky to view anymore eagles and viewed one more in the eastern distant sky. The second eagle joined the third eagle in the eastern sky. Total we viewed four eagles.  Couldn’t believe it? After that I felt good.  

I have learned about the traditional culture of my First Nations people late in my life.  Since I was real young, I always knew Indian people in the U.S. revered the eagle in their cultures.  Hopi have an eagle dance.  Since living in Canada, now I know all North American Indian people revere the eagle in a sacred way.  There are a lot of eagles and red tail hawks up here.  

I finished the whole process of changing the oil, but I shall see about it, though. If it leaks a lot after two weeks, I’ll have to buy a second hand metal oil filter.  It was bent in certain areas of it because I had to pry with a screw driver the metal  holder to get it out.  It kind of bent it.  I’ll monitor it.  So far it does not leak.  Take it one step at time. 


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