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This evening we will perform an open mic at the Delta Arts Firehall a couple of blocks away.  Getting a little nervous about it now.  I have practiced the song I will sing, California Dreamin and the harmonica I will use when I sing the Hoochie Coochie Man. I sing woman instead of man. Will only sing two songs and that’s it.  The rest Mark shall perform, his songs he wrote and I will videotape singing/playing.  So I made an appointment with the guy who runs the audio control board to arrive earlier to set up the sound system, check to see if the camera can connect to the audio control board.  It starts around 7 p.m.


I really like rock and roll music, reggae, blues, rhythm and blues and discoteque.  Been reading bios about people: all of the Marvin Gaye books I could find about him, all of the books about The Doors and Jim Morrison as well, Iggy Pop/Jim Osterberg, The Buffalo Springfield, and the Delta blues music.  I can relate very well to that period in time, late 60’s, early 70’s and mid-70’s because I grew up during that period in Phoenix, Az., San Francisco and Seattle, Wa. I was apart of the counter culture as it was tagged.  I’ve always luved black music when it became prominent through the Motown artists.  

Rhythm and blues is very danceable.  Marvin Gaye and the people who helped produce “What’s Goin On,” created a genius album.  A song in particular when I hear it, makes me cry because it expresses the despair a person feels, when things are down like being unemployed and when the troubles of world are heavyweights.  That album had real relevant, strong messages, plus danceable melodies. The messages still apply to today’s world problems and issues. I liked it at the time when it was released, but I appreciated it more as I became older.   


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