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This time we were able to make it to sing/play at the Delta Firehall open mike on January 25, 08.  This time a full audience compared to other times. Fun night out among people in the neighborhood whom we don’t know very well. The man who runs the audio control board is a very nice man.  Most of the crowd were Caucasian people.  Many Sikhs live in Surrey, but not many Sikhs attended.  I was one of few Indigenous people in my age group who performed at the open mike.  


I do not think I’m a harsh, nasty judge about what’s good and not good—who sings/plays descent or bad, but basically I can assess who is good as a singer/player. Everyone was good.  Most everyone played an instrument, played/sang or only played instrumentals with the exception of two 15 year old girls who sang songs with a cd.  One of the girls sang/played with a guitar afterwards.  Also, I videotaped our performance to document our performance at a given period of time. I knew it would be hard to perform two things at the same time.  As a performer, I felt nerve wrecked about the performance: will I forget the words and everything else?  The items a videographer has to remember: prepare – shoot for an event has to be prepared.  I managed to do it, but a person really has to focus and not lose track about what is going on.  In the chaos and midst of it, I get so caught up emotionally and mentally. Videography and sound recording is very technical. Have to be on top of it, if the videographer/sound recordist wants descent picture and sound.  


The next day I watched the play back of Mark and myself.  I actually I thought I didn’t do very well, but I was okay. Glad of that.  Mark is always good. I don’t usually shoot performances like this all the time, so this was different.  It was a good experience to get practice to shoot a singer, singers and guitar player with a digital video camera and sound.  Even though I did not want to do it because it’s a lot of trouble to go through, I was glad I did it.  Every time I shoot something different as that, a person learns.  The next time I do it, I will get better at it.  



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