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Monthly Archives: February 2008


February is almost up.


I can tell Spring slowly is happening because I view small buds on tree branches and the sun comes out and shows sometimes, more than it did in January and December 07.  I love that.  I love it more than most here.  I cannot help it.  I was raised in the desert. That’s why.


I have a lot of things to do before tomorrow:  record the third song Mark wrote and composed so I can use that in The Graffiti mini dv experimental drama I am finishing.  It is one of the few jobs left to do.  Also, to cut down two essay pages for a film/video award grant I am applying for, which has to be postmarked tomorrow before 4 p.m. Been working on that for two weeks now.  Tomorrow will attend, sing/play with Mark at the Delta Fire Hall open mike again, which happens monthly.   Also, to get off a dvd copy to a video festival in LA called LA Video Freewaves. I have to turn in a financial report to my funder, after I lock it down within a month to two months from now.  I can feel that it will be over, which I will be glad of.  It’s hard work to work on something continuously.  It has not been all smooth.  It has been difficult.  I am obligated to finish it up. Just want to finish it up.