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First day –  March 08.

About singing and playing at an open mike, now I have a whole new perspective and respect on a different level of musicians and singers who sing/play songs they have written. I do not know why I did not view this before. Even singing covers is better sung live than any other way. I express this because of last night’s, Friday’s monthly open mike at the Delta Fire Hall @ 7 p.m. Two young teenage girls sang songs with a cd music back up.  At first when I heard this style last month, I thought it was okay and not bad. Their voices sounded good.  To sing using a cd is karaoke like. I have done it myself at karaoke bars and places when people want to do it. I had fun, but it is a step down in a way for  an open mike performance.  To perform live where the only ingredients is a guitar player and a singer, who sings live into a microphone from memorized words is feat in itself. The very act in itself makes a difference. Plus, the two performers face an audience of who knows what out there .  

The two teenage girls with the cd back up dominated the open mike.  The rest was live:  usually acoustic guitar players who sang original songs.  There were some covers like myself, but not a lot.  I sang a cover, Stop Breakin Down by Robert Johnson.  Mark sang about 4 of his own written songs.  

Towards the end of the whole thing, I was beginning to feel ancy about the girls singing with the cd back up music.  Mark wanted to leave, but it ended.  I had to wind up two xlr cables for the man who runs the audio control board. 

I like attending, but I think I want to find out about other open mike places in Surrey.  Kind of doubtful that I will find another open mike in Surrey. Surrey is very unlike Vancouver.  Vancouver has many open mike venues.


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