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Slide share use to show these drawings, but no longer. Will insert the drawings in the future individually. 

April 13, 15

Before I shot still photographs, made videos and films, I drew pictures, mostly in pen or pencil.  I use to draw people since I was young about 7 – up years old. I remember once drawing a woman in a bathing suit in eighth grade, 63.’  A guy who sat in back of me saw it and said he would tack up the drawing of the girl with the bathing suit onto the wall in the class. I drew people from magazine photographs when I was about 12 years old.

Took all the art classes in elementary and high school.  Luved that.  

In high school art class at 14 years old, 64, I remember Cavaliere Ketchum, our art teacher asked some students to model for the students so we could draw. The student stood on a desk or sat on a chair on a desk.  We drew the person like in life drawing, except they had their clothes on.  

I draw the female figure better than the male figure, but I can draw both.  Someone said when a person can draw people’s faces and bodies it is because she/he has good hand/eye coordination.  I do not know.  I have always been able to draw people since I was young.  After high school, I continued life drawing classes at the Arizona State University Art Department.  My major was art. I continue to draw people at drop in life drawing classes.  

In the life drawing classes, the students draw the nude model: 1-2, 5 minute gestures, 10 minute, 20 minutes, 30 minutes and l hour poses using pencil, water color, or charcoal, conte crayon, colored pens or pastels or acrylic, or oil.  I have noticed some students spend a week painting the model or sculpting the same 30 minute-l hour pose.  When I first took my first life drawing class it was at Arizona State University Art Department. I was 18 years old.  I never before viewed a male nude, but for the first time in my life in the life drawing class, I viewed the nude male as a male nude model in my drawing class. As I said, I was very naive. The model I viewed wore a jock supporter. Usually models are nude.  

To this day I draw people, friends or animals like the cats I have or my partner, Mark.  Once when I applied for an animation job, I went to a zoo located near Phoenix to draw the animals.  I drew deers, birds, giraffe and others.  I did not get the job. I never did that before, draw live animals.  People and little kids surrounded me to watch me draw.  To me that was strange, as if they do not see people draw that much.  Maybe that was why?

I prefer the pen or pencil, which I am best at. Easier for me.  I really am not that good with water color, charcoal and others. I guess it is because I do not practice them.  Practice makes perfect.  

Some of these drawings were of Algernon Snuggles, a British Short hair I had for 18 years.  Snuggles originally is an LA cat.  I could not take care of him during the summer of 92 because I had a job in Kamloops, BC.  I begged my parents to take care of him. I paid his Delta air fare to fly to Phoenix. It was expensive, but I was not going to abandon Snuggles.  My parents picked him up at the airport.  So glad my parents took care him. He stayed in Phoenix the rest of his life.  He was a very large British Short hair, bigger than most cats.  I was told kids around the neighborhood thought he was a tiger. They called him a tiger. He liked my father, but he did not like me. After many years, Snuggles had not seen or been around me. I do not think he recognized me.  He hissed at me.  Snuggles died in September 05. I drew a dark black drawing of a cat. She was one of the black and white cats I took care of with Snuggles in LA, 90-92.  The single drawing of a person is a self-portrait when I was a student at the San Francisco Art Institute from 71-73. I was a still photography student. I luved SF at that time.    

Now a days I do not draw often. Only once in a while when the motivation hits me.  



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