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In future to insert drawings I drew.  Software I use to use is no longer is in service to show these drawings. April 13, 15

I made many drawings, but not many survived since the Arizona State University Art Department days.  Some were very large drawings that spread over a whole wall. They were accidentally thrown away, which I did not know about. When I learned that I was angry about it, but I could not do anything about it.  This drawing was drawn on a 11″ x 14″ drawing pad, Jan 23,73 at San Francisco Art Institute, so it has kept intact pretty well. It did not get folded or smashed or whatever. So I only have a few to show. This is one of my best drawings of a human being.

Today it is Easter Sunday.  Have a good Easter. I am not a Christian. I believe in the Creator. It is not an organized religion like the Christian religion.  It does not try to convert people.  However, there are protocols to follow in different areas. 

So glad Spring arrived officially this week on the 20th, which means warmer and longer days. Today there was a break in the gray, rain weather this morning. I viewed some blue sky. More and more buds grow on tree branches. Flowers bloom. I luv it. It will be another great change in the scenery in BC in the North, which I look forward to a lot because I luv the warmer and drier weather.


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