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Will insert picture of tree into article in future. Be patient.  The software I used no longer is in service.

The place where I visited and stayed half of July and August 1997 was a small village near Prade, France.  Located near by was a dirt path, trees, rocks and wine fields where I ran for exercise.  I was invited to the Prade Film Festival in Southern France to show the NAVAJO TALKING PICTURE during August 97. The French woman I stayed with was very generous and kind.  Had a good time.  Southern France reminded me of LA in certain ways.  Prade area was drier than Northern France.  The ocean was about 20-30 miles away.  Spain was 30-40 miles south.   Once on one of my runs after I finished the run at dusk,  I saw this tree and rock with flowers surrounding the tree.  The light hit the rock and flowers just right so  I had to take a picture of it.  Someday I hope to revisit Southern France.  Liked it a lot.   

Right now I  gear myself to look for the papers to write the financial report up for The Graffiti, a long and tedious job, but it has to be done.  It is required. At the same time I have to submit some dvd entries into video festivals that do not charge an entry fee.  I am forced to do it that way. I guess, where there is a will, there is a way. Some film/video festivals charge entry fees.  Some do not. Some are expensive. Sometimes some filmmakers do not have much money like me.  It is a necessary part of the independent filmmaker’s job to go through this because it is a way to get the video project shown and known to the public through the film/video festival circuit.  At this time it is difficult to enter film/video festivals with expensive entry fees because I cannot afford it.  However, it is okay.  It was like this with Navajo Talking Picture. Synopsis of the Graffiti, 30 minutes, experimental mini dv:  Although Jean Biah Lee, an Anishinabe First Nations woman is unsuccessful to change the racism of two white, redneck males: their graffiti scribbled around Vancouver and aimed at Indian people, she rebounds from injustice by writing about it. Also, have been looking around for a part time job in Surrey. Need a job to pay for certain expenses.   Lot of other things to finish up as well. 


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