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Although I do not have a job yet, I volunteer at the local Surrey SPCA to help the cats. The volunteer position started two Tuesdays ago, April 8th.  I clean their cages: empty the litter box, add new litter, pour clean water into their water dish.  I give them wet and dry food. If the cats have dirty towels, I give them clean towels.  I clean the floor and walls of the metal cage with a disinfectant solution in the towel.  Afterwards, we sweep and mop the floors of the two cat rooms. 

At the end of the three hours, we socialize pet or touch the cats who want attention. When I first arrive and walk through the door around 9:00 a.m., some of the cats meow.  They poke their arms to paw through the cage bars to us humans as if they say, hold me or stroke me.  A few cats really want human contact.  For example today, I stroked a cat near his face and cheeks. He kept wanting to be petted.  The cat had a plastic round shield on his neck so he would not bite the skin of his tail.  The tail was shaved  near the cat’s top hind legs, where a cut showed.  He had a bad cut on the tail.  We are suppose to disinfect and wash our hands to stop bacteria from spreading to other cats, whenever we touch the cats.  

Most of the cats are adult. Some of the cats are pretty cats like one I saw that had orange and black markings like an ocelot.  Some were seized, which I do not know what that means, but I will find out. 

If I was not a filmmaker, I would have tried to be a veterinarian. At the same time, I think maybe I could shoot a short video about these cats and the shelter. I need to know more about the cats and the shelter, if I am serious about it. I have to find an angle about the topic.

How this happened? In January 08 I attended a presentation at the Surrey SPCA. I filled out an application. Someone screened me.  Someone else or the same person called to ask if I wanted to volunteer with the cats during March.

It is sad how human beings treat cats like this.  Some cats become strays.  I know other cats become lost.  I lost my cat once so I know.  Just helping out so far, I have learned some cats are at the shelter because their owners have treated them cruel.  They are cute cats. I hope they find homes. 


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