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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Yep, I like my still photographs.  Have lots of color slides to scan but I will only choose the best ones to scan and upload into this blog.  Just wanted to add these still photos. Will add some more another time soon.  Yesterday I scanned more color slides,some of France and myself.

May 16 and 17th in Vancouver and the “Lower Mainland,” farenheit temperatures hit 91 or so.  Last October were the last warmest days.  Only last week the weather was very cold. It might be a cold Summer it seems, but I do not know.

On Saturday I thought something happened to my computer but it is okay now. I am glad I figured out what happened.
05′ End of the Century-Story of the Ramones & 05′ Cream Their Fully Authorised Story

Been reading other reviewer book, documentary and film write ups. Some reviews I do not care for. Some music of rock n roll and other types from other genres I dislike, but I will try to inform or describe why I am drawn or not drawn to a film or video or book.  I want to learn about it.  So far I have, which is good.

Viewed two dvd documentaries about:  05′ End of the Century-Story of the Ramones by Michael Gramaglia and Jim Fields and 05′ Cream-Their Fully Authorised Story produced and directed by Jon Brewer. I liked viewing these documentaries.  A lot of these documentaries made about the 60’s and 70’s musicians are talking heads. I tend to like documentaries and judge documentaries about rock and roll and blues musicians, which follow the direct cinema style as Don’t Look Back by D. Pennebaker about Bob Dylan. However, these talking head, classic style documentaries are okay because I follow and seek information about these groups.  In a way I have no other choice but to accept it because most of these documentaries are classically structured anyhow.  I lived during this period of time. I seek to understand this  period of time: women’s movements, how women felt if they chose the counter culture or alternative life style, people of color movements/power to the people—how people of color musicians felt, how were people of color musicians treated—-Someday I hope to write a screenplay based upon this period of time.  I am aware of these bands like Cream and The Ramones, other bands and solo songwriters because I liked some of their songs.  Rock and roll world is mostly a heterosexual man’s world.  Still is, but as rock and roll developed in the genres of blues/rhythm/blues/discoteque and others, more women emerged like Joan Jett.  Very few women rock n’ roll musicians existed during the 50’s and 60’s as I remember.  I define rock and roller musician as a person who writes/sings their own songs or sings other peoples’ songs and plays an instrument or instruments. Also, there are singers of songs who do not play their own instruments like Mick Jagger and Donna Summer. Punk rock brought women musicians even more out of the closet.

End of the Century-Story of the Ramones and Cream-Their Fully Authorised Story were interesting dvds which were not boring. A month ago I viewed another dvd docu about the Irish band U Two.  Audio recording was very bad recorded.  I could not even hear what Bono said at a press conference.  When that happens, I turn it off.  Why look and listen to a documentary if the audio was recorded with a lot of ambient background sound and it interferes with dialogue?

End of the Century-Story of the Ramones and Cream-Their Fully Authorised Story had descent videography and audio.  Archival footage of the bands as they played live mixed with interviews with members of the band or business associates created the classical documentary lay out.  I enjoyed finding out how they started their groups, who wrote the songs and who managed or was the control freak of the groups.  I told Mark J. McLeod one of the rock and roll albums I bought during 1966 and 67 was Are you Experienced by The Jimi Hendrix Experience. I did not purchase any Cream. I knew the Cream existed as a group because I heard their pink colored album play in our life drawing class in September 67 as the students drew the life drawing model.  The Cream documentary said after Cream returned to England from touring the US, the Jimi Hendrix Experience became their biggest threat.  They met Jim Hendrix. He played with Cream when he first arrived in London a year before. As the documentary put it, Hendrix became Claptons’s friendly rival. Very informative documentaries.

Ramone musician early 80's in LAxViewing the Ramones documentary provided this different view of Johnny Ramone which I was unaware of. While as a graduate student at UCLA in the early 80’s, I had a friend who suggested we go to Tower Records in Hollywood and get the Ramones’ autographs.  My friend wore a levi outfit with white hi top shoes.  The first Ramone we approached to get an autograph was Johnny Ramone.  He had a distinct look as a Ramone: a straight bowlish cut hair across his front face and sides. I took a picture of Johnny Ramone signing his name on my friend’s hi top shoe on the autograph table. Johnny Ramone was polite about it as I took the picture.  I did not use flash. I used available light.  Maybe that is why.  He did not tell me to get lost because I took a picture of him and my friend. I did not know at that time that he was such a main organizer of the Ramones.  I will always remember that afternoon as one of the few times I ever sought an autograph from a famous rock and roll musician who is known to the mass public.  It was fun. Picture is not bad.  It is in this blog under LA.  The filmmakers of this documentary said Johnny Ramone was the person who looked after the business affairs more than the others.  Joey Ramone was the lead singer who was very shy in his youth. Because he was lead singer of the Ramones, it brought him out of the introvert closet.  He was forced to be as a singer.  Seemed as he became older, more and more he became extroverted as a person which is good for a very shy person. I can relate because I am like him in that way.  People I know at present say that I can be quite quiet among people, where I do not say anything to people. The fact is I am listening to what people say, but I notice when I  express my point of view sometimes among some people, they do not let me: quite rude.  I have to practically speak way louder than I should have to.  Why I express this because lately I met someone like this. Why fight to express a point-of-view.  This person is not a person to converse true deep conversations with I decided.  I am getting better and better to know those things as I get older.

Yes, I liked the Ramone songs because they were simply written, without many fancy words; for example, the I Don’t Care, song is short, simple but still it has a message of lost hope.  I learned that song because I once was a part of a group in LA in 1977.  The guy I knew called T Sullivan was interested in Punk music.  He told me about the I Don’t Care song from the Ramones.  It is easier to remember the words to the song, while with other songs I have to go back to the written page or hear the cd cut of it to recall it and then rehearse it with myself so I know what I am doing. Great song! They wrote and played many great songs.