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I luv this weather in Vancouver BC. Today it is cold, gray, rainy and sloshy.  Where’s Summer, Summer? I can see why it is easier for some people to live here. It’s because of the type of weather here year round.  It might not be much different than the country they live in or where the people come; for example,  England and places like that.  I have met English and Irish people who lived in LA so I do not think all English/Irish are drawn to cold, rainy and gray weather.  I imagine those type of English/Irish people came to LA to get away from the dreary gray weather.    

The last time I visited “down South” in 03 as Canadians call it here,  I visited Phoenix, AZ where I am from.  In Arizona and LA I lived a lot of my life. LA I lived there for about 16 years.  In Phoenix in 03, I was invited by a friend to attend a New Year’s party in the desert.  Most of the people at the party were archeologists and their friends were very friendly. One guy who is originally from AZ, said he lived in Seattle, WA for a while, which is only 100 miles or so south of Vancouver BC. where the weather type is not that different than Vancouver BC.  He said he decided to return back to Arizona because of the weather. He needed more sunshine and heat.  I never meet people here to talk about it like that.  Seems everyone luves it here like it’s taboo to talk about it. Once in a while I hear some dissatisfaction about among people, but it seems I really do not know.  

I have a feeling but I don’t know for sure, it might turn out to be a cold summer.  In the last 6-7 years I remember a June where It was cold and it rained a lot.  

I waited for this all year long for the sun ray warmth of the sun!

Where’s the Sun?

Where’s the heat?

I sure hope it turns sunny.


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