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Only during the last week in June has the heat and sun really arrived, but I waited so long.  Yesterday took some pics of the Serpentine Greenway where I bike on my way to cat care at the Surrey SPCA every Tuesday, my volunteer errand.

I like wild flowers.

Starting in April I began to see cotton tail rabbits hop from the green grasses.  I see a lot more now even baby rabbits.  I plan to take more pictures of the rabbits. I kind of felt that I could take pictures of the rabbits because they do not hop away so fast.  They kind of pause. Mostly I see brown rabbits. When they hop from behind, I see their white bottoms and tails.  

I take a short cut when I bike to the Surrey SPCA.  It takes about 45 minutes. The rabbits live in the grasses that are very tall.   Yesterday I spoke to a man who took a Sunday walk on the Serpentine Greenway. He said he lived near by.  He was friendly. He said coyotes, racoons and skunks live in the grasses. He hears the coyotes howl at night. They chase after domestic animals cats and dogs.  

Tomorrow is my volunteer cat care. 
I am glad the heat arrived at long last. Heard in the news it’s ll5 in Phoenix and LA tails a little behind that.  The sun rises by 4:00 a.m. ish and sunsets near 9:21 p.m.ish.  

For my paper work I work on, I wrote a rough draft for two pages.  At least I started on it.  I have to answer the questions within the given pages, but that is okay.  It was hard to start it. That was it. Hooray it started.  


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  1. Hi Arlene,

    I happened upon your blog when searching for web resources on the Serpentine Greenway. I’m not sure if you would be interested, but for a couple of hours on the second Sunday of each month, I get a group of individuals from the local community to come out and help green the greenway. For the most part this involves cleaning up litter and digging out invasive weeds. If you’d like to help out with one of the work parties, the next one is on June 13th 2-4pm. We meet at the kiosk near the 66th Ave. entrance. Tools and gloves are provided and refreshments are served.

    If you would like to contact me, I can be reached at or at 604-689-0766 x.31


    Alston Bonamis
    Stewardship Coordinator

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