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Tomorrow will be Canada’s Canada Day, about the same as July 4th in the U.S., except that the U.S. broke independence from The Crown, the British ties or dominance here, a long time ago in a war. Canada has not done that yet totally. The Canada Day is about pride in self.

For me it’s more of a holiday than anything. The hot heat arrived literally by June 27th, which was when Mark and I took a bike ride to Mud Bay Park. It rained since October 07-June 08. In June it rained less. A sign of Spring is that it rains less and less. More and more sun breaks occur, but it rains more than it sunshines. I guided Mark there. From our apartment it took 45 minutes total, not long to get there. As we neared the park, the southern part of Surrey radically changed to a posh neighborhood of well to do homes. We biked and ascended from the hill. The hill curved with a farmland to the left and a barn of horses to the right. We were now in the farmlands, an area totally different than where we live in Surrey (an English name I assume). Where we live there is a lot of traffic, loud ambulance/police car sirens whizzing fast north/south: the suburbs, an area not well kept up for some reason. East Commercial Drive area was more kept up than this place. I biked to Mud Bay Park in October 07 one sunny day, the last of the Fall sunny days. When the tide leaves the ocean there, what is left is a mud floor bottom. Some of it is sand. It is a protected park marshland, birds, flowers, drifted logs on the shore, insects that fly about like dragon flies and butter flies.  A pedestrian and bike path goes all the way to Tsawwassen. That is what the information/map board at the park described. The paths follow in between farmlands. The farmlands and the nearby areas are west, outside of the Mud Bay Park. These are the pictures I took.


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