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Only now I write about Wednesday’s night, July 9th, the singing/playing at White Rock Beach Blues Society’s blues contest.  We did well, better than all previous performance times.  I sang the covers, House of the Risin Sun and Stop Breaking Down by Robert Johnson and Mark sang/played his original songs.  We were cut short our allotment of 45 minutes time. I do not know why, but suspect it was because that the first group arrived late so it  started late.  

The first group were teenagers.  I thought they were better than average. Mark said they played their guitars and drums real well.  Sang some original songs and covers following the style of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton.  They had two guitarists and a drummer.  The second group was larger, made of three guitarists and a drummer.  They sang/played mostly cover songs.  Third group was us.  Besides the young drummer of the first group who was Asian, I was one of the only few people of color who participated in the blues music contest. At the end, we received positive feedback, more than other performances we played.  It was different.  The crowd ranged in age from late twenties – sixties, but more in the fiftish-sixtish. I was told by one woman, she liked the way I did the House of the Risin Sun.  The place was located right on the beach on Marine Drive.  We did not stay for the last act. It was getting late.  When we finished it was 10:20 p.m.ish. We do not have much money to spend so we left.  I told Mark I did it for the experience, not for the prize, which is a sound recording studio time, although that is a good reward. This blues contest continues for the whole month of July and ends the second week in August.  The people who organized it were descent people. I have met other people who do open mikes.  Some are rude. Over all Wednesday night was a very positive experience. 

When Mark and I usually go to beaches, we choose the Semiahmoo Beach area in White Rock, instead of the location where the blues contest happened in White Rock.  The Semiahmoo Beach is located only a l/4 mile east of the blues music place.  At the blues contest area it is too touristy and crowded.  Where we go is more secluded and not as crowded.  I like it there better. This Semiahmoo area is a First Nations reserve.  Maybe people do not go to there because it is a First Nations reserve.  Maybe that is good.  It is walking distance to Blaine, Wa.  

One summer day when Mark and I went to Semiahmoo Beach for a picnic outing, an eagle who lives in one of the trees flew from it’s home south to the ocean. I saw it fly over as I stood on a rock.  Within ten minutes the eagle returned back with a huge fish in it’s claws.  That was fast.  That was something to view because I had never seen in person an eagle fly over head with a fish in it’s claws, a visual scene from a picture postcard.  


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