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Above, tree trunk on the Fraser River.  Took several pics of that.

This was near the road, half way to Ft. Langley.

Reading an autobiography called Clapton by Eric Clapton published in 07.  I check books out from the local libraries. So far I like it a lot. After reading some biographies about rock and roll musicians from the late 60’s and early 70’s, I pick up that these musicians like to play with each other whenever they can. From reading all these bios about the rock n roll musicians it provides the back stories about how life was among all these brand name musicians and how wide the gap was divided between the roles of men and women, although the women’s movement grew at the same time. Sexism existed pretty much towards women who tried to be a musician or women who existed at all at that time.  I never picked up on that until much later on. What I picked up from this reading is that a lot of camaraderie existed among the musicians more than the present day artists and filmmakers I meet today. Maybe that still exists today among musicians? The musicians called each other up: Could you play with us at a gig? Just like that and it happened spontaneous. Or a musician visited someone who is a musician. They’d play guitars and jam late into the night. Where as the only time I ever experienced that type of social get together among filmmaker types was when I was in film school at UCLA and a little bit afterwards, 79-88. I’d be invited to attend a party where there was food and drink. We’d talk and find out what’s going on. That would be fun. I haven’t done that in 20 years among fellow filmmakers, but that just shows you the kind interactions I’ve had. The only other time I ever got together with an artist, First Nations filmmaker happened this June, at last. The female First Nations filmmaker invited me to go with her to an arts conference in Kelowna. It was fun to do. Other than that, I do not get invited often socially anywhere from other artists. It is rare. For me it is difficult to get to know people here in Vancouver, BC. People do not want to socially know each other. Perhaps it is because of the colonialists, the British people who brought over their domineering culture. I am not a hi, how are you kind of person like my sister, who is like that. I tease and tell other people, she knows all the Indian people in the state of Oklahoma. She’s that friendly. I can be friendly but only sometimes.

Also, trying to write a short story for a publication. It has to be done by August ll. I will include a bike ride trip into the short story when Mark and I travelled to Ft. Langley last Saturday, July 26th. It took 3 hours to ride from Surrey to Ft. Langley. It was fun, but parts of it were strange at the same time. I took pictures of it. Will include some of the pictures.

The above was a marsh/swamp land.

A river close by Ft. Langley. Ft. Langley is a fort the colonialists built, the British.  In the western U.S. the U.S. military built forts as well. 

At least my report to my funder is getting done. I tape receipts onto pages of blank typing paper, the bunches of receipts I saved. Makes it easier to tally figures. It’s a total different head set to work on than shooting still photographs or shooting video scenes. Once I start something that’s hard to start, once I’m into it, I can work on it. Glad about that for sure.

Starting last Saturday in Ft. Langley the weather started to be gray. Showers started. All this week it was gray and coolish, almost like winter, which I did not like. I want this to be hot and summer. We only had this warm weather since the end of June. That’s it. Now I wonder? What is it like in the Yukon or the Northwest Territories, where the Inuit live? I am curious to know.

A picture of the small ferry that crossed to the other side when there was a ferry. No longer it exists. April 13, 15.

Mark resting on the side of the road. I had to take pictures of the plants you view and the marsh.  The above to the right, is the ferry that takes the cars and people across to the other side where #7 road is, the Loughheed highway, which goes west to east from Vancouver to Mission.  The line up was very long. I was glad I did not have to wait in that line.  Mark saw a place that rented bikes for $15/hour. Expensive to rent bikes. BC has mountains.


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