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Alex Fraser Bridge we passed on River Road.  The visual to the East from where we hung out.

This is how it looked to the left, west of us and at the site where we parked our bikes. 

Toy ship on the Fraser River.                          

Also, muddy branches.

I did not let you know what happened to the White Rock Blues Society competition in July.  We did not win, but as I said, it was all right if we did not.  It was interesting to do it.  The people who put it on were descent to work with.  

This last Saturday Mark and I biked to a place, an hour’s pedal from where we live in Surrey. Mark found it.  It did not take that long to get there.  We biked on 84th Avenue, passed Sudbury Park, a small nice park in Surrey, passed some suburban homes, down to the River Road and turned left.  We passed a pulp mill that stunk, which was right next to the river.  Also, passed some cannery slaughter places, where fish or crabs are slaughtered. I could smell the stinky odors on the road.  Traffic passed us a lot. We were careful to bike on the road because I have heard in the news a lot about hit and runs in BC.  Recently I heard that a bicyclist was hit from a car behind. A bicyclist has to really look, be extra watchful for her/himself.  I bike also because of the gas. It is too expensive.  

We walked our bikes on a path that goes to the Fraser River. When we arrived we were not the only people at the isolated park on the River.  We saw a man and his dogs and two other people sit on a huge log. Mark said that park was located at the mouth of the Fraser River. We passed them, turned left to the spot where Mark was at the day before. 

Some of the materials were still there. He said there was a lot more the day before strung out on the trees.

Some of the materials wrapped around the logs seem humanlike, art models posing for me.

We stayed at the Fraser River from l – 4 p.m. We sat in the sun.  It was a hot day. I liked it.  I do not think too many Canadian woman like the hot heat as much as I do.

I took pictures there. It was different than White Rock, Semiahmoo Beach at the First Nations reserve. We cannot afford to travel across the country or go to the U.S. where I would like to go because I have not been there in about 5 years, which is too long. So that is why we went there.  Travel to local places.  I like to travel and see new places is what it is.  I doubt that I will get tired of it as I hear some people express that. Besides we are having problems at the apartment where we live. Long story.  I feel it is good to take a break from trying to solve problems like that.  It is really stressful.  It helps to get away.

Here are some of the pictures: a Saturday afternoon at the Fraser River.  

On mud ground in the shaded areas.

It really seemed like a river forest jungle sometimes. 

This coming Friday I will bike to Vancouver to attend Vlogging Resistance/Creating new forms of alternative media at a cafe, exactly what I do.  I want to see what they have to say.  The event will screen videos by Mexican filmmakers.  Maybe I will find a way to screen The Graffiti for the crew/cast. Have not had success to with that, but I have not really looked real hard either.  I try.  I shall see. 

In Western Canada, Vancouver southern mainland, the summer will end in about another month.  It just only got here about 2 months ago.  Can I accept it?  A person who lives here forever and ever, has to accept it. I’d become a snowbird if I had more money to do it with.


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