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The pictures are scenes from our apartment, sad to say but it is true. Except for Ninja Pants and Mark who are the only positives from the scenes. I complained about the trash in the back and it has been kept up better, but…there are other huge problems galore.  So this is what Vancouverites mean by their put downs about Surrey BC.  One of them is that Surrey is redneck.  It is very redneck. Now I know for sure.  I won’t get into it now.  We will straighten out this problem/problems out, which is very ridiculous.

The only good thing I can say about this place is that the Superstore is located a block away. For example if our half and half is gone, we can walk to the store and buy it real fast and cheap.  Super Store has descent, inexpensive prices for food.  It’s the best thing.  It was not that way in East Vancouver.  The local convenience store charged twice as much for half and half milk.  Other good thing is nature. Some nature sites are located close enough to bike to and enjoy like Mud Bay Park.

and Boundary Bay.  I really like going to those areas. I feel practically like I’m in another country.  To bike next to the farmlands, the wild flowers, water and bay, view birds like the blue heron, eagles and red tail hawks is great. Last time I saw monarch butterflies trying to mate on the bike/pedestrian road.

Only good things at our apartment are Ninja Pants and Mark.  Excluding our selves, the neighbor next door to left of us is the only all right guy in the whole place of six tenants.  There are not a lot of tenants who live here yet it has great CHAOS! Again I will not get into it.

People should enjoy where they live without having to feel intimidated by someone’s friends who are between 35-45 years old and act like immature teenagers who fist fight in the hallways late at night, one of the things they do because they are drunk.  I won’t go into it.  You can guess. It’s a long story. We came here last July 07.


Friday though I went into Vancouver and met an Indian woman who is originally from Chase BC.  She’s a writer. She’s a very friendly woman who’s about my age or a bit older.  She lived in the Southern CA, LA and Northern CA since she was 17 until 31 years.  I told her that she lived in LA during it’s hey day,

the sixties. In a way I wished I could’ve lived in LA during that time.  I caught a little bit of that by living in SF, CA during the early 70’s as a still photo student at the San Francisco Art Institute.  I luved it.  The rentals were very low at the time, which it’ll never be again.  They must be very high right now where I use to live. I didn’t quite live in Chinatown but almost.  I’ll never forget it.  We got to know each other better that day. As I said I do not know many artists to be friends with.  I do not do that often with other Indian artists, but I like to do it, if artists are  open minded enough. There are not enough open minded artists. She was very kind.

Also, that night I attended at a cafe that had a screen. A group of people showed videos from Mexico City: Chiapas, Indigenous people from Sonora/Yachi and other mostly indigenous video topics.  I told the woman who hosted it, I knew about the subject matter already.  I told her I was from Arizona. In 1996 I went to a meeting of indigenous people on the Pacific Coast with the Seri people.  Some military men came with their green truck. They stood outside the meeting, holding their machines trying to intimidate the Indian people at the meeting.  I couldn’t believe it in a way but I was not surprised.

The military was uptight because a couple years before in January 1994, the Indigenous people from Chiapas fought against the repression of the army and their government.  Enough is enough. Land and their rights were involved. They were basically trampled. A lot of negative things went down. It was the only other time this information about the Indigenous people from Mexico hit the front pages of American news like the LA Times.  Since then I have never heard anything else about Chiapas, but I still follow it.  All this is same throughout the Americas in regards to First Nations, Native, Indigenous people who were the first peoples who lived here before the Europeans arrived. You wouldn’t believe the amount of issues there are to fix for us. Mucho.

The videos were good. I enjoyed myself on a Friday night in Vancouver, BC.

Even though I live in a place I like this, I/Mark, we manage to be okay, but it is VERY HARD SOMETIMES to endure it.


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