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The above picture is of Ninja Pants I took this morning, August 30 08. Ninja Pants inspires me to take pictures of her because she is very beautiful female cat.   

Last night Mark and I attended the end of the month Firehall Open Mike.  I had not attended that Firehall for a couple of months because I have to attend to other creative/business projects in my life such as the Graffiti that are important. So I generally memorized the cover song, Your Cheatin Heart by Hank Williams the song I was going to sing.  I do not write songs as fast as Mark does, but I like certain songs and styles.  When I got up to the microphone I expressed to the audience that I sing this song because my mother told me that she saw Hank Williams perform at theater in Phoenix.  I said, You did! She played his albums at our house a lot.  I heard it and liked it.  I grew to like his songs and similar songs like Dolly Parton. I said I don’t like a lot of country and western music, but I like the tradish stuff better.  I said, Mark take it away.  He played the intro to Your Cheatin Heart Song.  I did not bad.  

After that, Mark sang a couple songs he wrote.  The Delta Open Mike at the Firehall lasted until about 10 p.m. We walked to it and back. Mark noted that it took about 10 minutes, not bad timing to walk to a place.  The night was clear.  Could view the stars in the skies. I saw the big dipper in the northwestern skies.  So glad IT WAS NOT WET AND RAINY! 


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