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To the left is a picture of a cotton tail rabbit I saw on the Serpentine Greenway path. I have noticed riding through on the Serpentine Greenway, I do not view many cotton tails anymore.  Where did they all go?  I noticed a lot during May and June. The city sheared down the grasses a month ago.  All the wild flowers were mowed down.  It was very pretty during July. I took a lot of pictures of the wild flowers.  Right now the black berries are ripening and ready to be picked.  In fact that was what I was did yesterday, pick the berries on the Serpentine, and then returning home I saw the rabbit.  He let me take a picture of him.  I tried not to be too noisy and walk slow.  After I uploaded the pictures, I noticed his ears were cut a bit.  I picked the black berries so I could mix them with vanilla ice cream. It worked out well.  It tasted good.  

This morning I viewed the still photos I shot and submitted to The Leader in Surrey BC, at the end of June 08. Two of my still photos are in the still photo collage the newspaper put together: a blue heron at Mud Bay and planks that stuck up in the mud, water, plants in Mud Bay.  I biked on the pedestrian/bike path that goes to Boundary Bay Beach to take the pictures.  I was happy about that.   The pictures were inserted in between pictures of babies and kids.  I and another woman were the only ones who submitted landscape type pictures.  I sent one of Mark as he played/sang at a pub in White Rock for the White Rock Blues Society contest, an adult activity.  It was not a bad picture, but I figure it would have stuck out like a sore thumb among the kid pictures.  I was curious how this picture taking thing was going to turn out.  Now I know.  

Ever since I got the Canon digital camera I have been taking still photos a lot.  I use to carry a camera every day when I was student at the SFAI.  All the still photo students did.  I know there will always be people who sneer at “art academic” training like Paul Gauguin, Vincent Van Gogh and other people I have met in life because I told people I went to art schools to learn what I know. I know the positive and negative parts about art schools and art university training, but everyone learns it in their own way. I don’t care if people sneer if I went to art school……As a student of still photography and film/video I worked hard for it to finish and complete the projects.  I completed the projects. I did not flake out on them, which says a lot about a person.  

Watched the Democratic Convention a little bit of it.   Most likely I will vote for Obama.   

I noticed the mainsteam television networks did not hardly cover anything about the protests that went on outside the convention and the Native American participation in the forums.  No wonder it was boring.  It would have spiced it up.  Added more diversity, but there was not ANY DIVERSITY!  I have read and watched television programs mostly on PBS about the media censorship about certain topics, some of it involving the war in Iraq.  I notice the mainstream does not mention or cover anything with First Nations or Native American topics:  total censor ship.  I really resent it.  Only once in a while I view something about First Nations.  No wonder people do not know that we First Nations and Indigenous peoples exist and lead contemporary lives.   In the United States when the media covers race, it is always a “black and white” issue, between Afro-American Blacks and Caucasian White people, but it is not that way.  There are other people of color living contemporary lives out there:  Chinese, Japanese, Dine,’ Arapaho, Cheyenne, Inuit, Bella Colla, Lakota, Nakota, Oglala, Hopi and other people of color, but I cannot think of others right now, but they are out there.   



  1. We are working on a story about the New England Cottontail Rabbit and would like to use your image in the story.

    We would be happy to provide credit and a link to your site.

    Londonderry Hometown Online News uses WordPress too, just the .org side.


    • Yes, it’s fine with me what you mentioned in your e mail about receiving credit for picture and to include the wordpress link. Sorry I didn’t answer sooner. How would you like to do this. I could send you the picture through e mail? What is your e mail address again? I could find it in yahoo e mail.

      Thanks Arlene Bowman

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