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Monthly Archives: September 2008

YESTERDAY, Mark and I biked to that spot on the Fraser River where we went a couple of weeks back, one of the last hot days of summer 08 #1.  The tide was high.  We didn’t stay long.  After visiting the Fraser River spot, we went to explore where Dias Island Park was.  Had no idea where it was judging by looking at the map, but it was a nice looking park. Pretty, right on the Fraser River, too.  There are nice looking parks in the “Lower Mainland.”  We went to White Rock Beach last Wednesday, one of the last hot days of summer #2.  By early evening around 4-5 p.m. it was getting cooler, breezier.  Usually on hotter days, it stays warm until evening.   Still I was glad to go because I love the sun.  It was so quiet and not noisy as it is around the chaos of our life in Surrey.  










I talked with my friend from LA about a rejection I received for my video The Graffiti.  It was good to talk to him. I felt very depressed about it, but I am okay now.  I don’t get to talk to filmmakers like him as much around here. He thought film video festivals were over rated as a way to get a film/video distributor or to get the video or film shown to an audience.  I agree with him.   Filmvideo festivals might be the old way of doing that.  Internet is the new way.  So instead of dwelling upon why didn’t the video get into the festival, instead to think of other ways to do it.  Therefore, I will have to step up my blog ways to promote my, The Graffiti. Trying to get the Navajo Talking Picture screened in fillm/video festivals during the late 80’s was hard.  It’s still hard because of the type of filmmaker I am, which is not conservative and commercial.  I am not mainstream.  I don’t think mainstream, but I can adapt.  Isn’t adaptability what it’s all about?