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Monthly Archives: October 2008

The picture below to the left is Ninja Pants our 9 year old cat. I took pictures of her for a pet costume contest. I shall see about that.  This was not the picture I entered with, but I like this picture so it is why I included it on this blog page.  The rest of the pictures are standard cliche pictures of “Autumn.” The rest were shot in a park on my way to the volunteer SPCA Cat Care. I bike there. It takes 40 minutes to reach my destination.

I will write in the blog later on. Not now.


The pictures of the duck happened at the PNE artificial pond.  The duck was very friendly to me.  At first she thought I was going to give her food, but I did not have any food.  She hung around. She was not afraid of me.  She had a blue colored feather in her wing. The blue is surrounded by thin, black stripes on both sides.  Now I can see why the Plains Indian people gathered feathers and placed them into their dance regalia: very beautiful, the design and color of brillliant blue.  I was on my way to that Alternative Media meeting. 

There are a mixture of feelings today.  I almost think that people do not want to discuss feelings or ideas that are “difficult” when these feelings and ideas are suppose to be discussed.  Yes, they are hard to talk about but the topics have to be talked about.  There are some topics.

Suppose to celebrate Canada’s Thanksgiving.  It isn’t the same as the US’s Thxg.  I thought it was when I first lived here.  US’s Thanksgiving involved the relationship between the Indigeneous peoples and the White people who arrived and tried to settle in Plymouth Rock, Mass.  The real history about this is not widespread.  The mainstream press does not want to reveal about the real Thanksgiving and why, not even to immigrants to the U.S this is not explained.  It’s hidden. Basically it’s about colonialism from the British people, old world and new world as it is called. Nat’l Geographic a year ago wrote an article with illustrations to depict the real Thanksg and what happened there.  That “New World” feature film was beautifully shot, but the story definitely fell, especially about Pocahantas.  It’s sad. Canadians Thxg is suppose to be about the harvest only.  Maybe I am wrong.

Want to check out “Once” a feature film about two musicians, a woman and man.   I went to register at the near by video rental, but the rental price was expensive, $5.00/video rental. Certain things are expensive in Surrey because there’s a video rental I use to use in Vancouver on Commercial Drive that had discount Tuesdays, where video rentals cost $4.00 for 2 to rent.  That price was real good.  I use to rental there often, but now since it’s costly I do not.    I really like watching new releases of films.  It’s the only way I can afford to see a new release of a feature film now.  The exhibitors charge too high of a price to view first release films.  That video rental did not have the dvd feature of “Once” available anyhow.  Kind of disappointed about that.

A great acceptance for The Graffiti isn’t happening as much for The Graffiti to screen at film/video festivals.  At least two Indigenous film/video festivals screened it so far:  Talking Stick Film/Video Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Indigenous Film/Video Festival in Kathmandu, Nepal screened The Graffiti in June 08.  I do not think the story is told so bad.  Hey festivals organizers, why don’t you answer me when I ask you why it was rejected.  It is a legitimate request.