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Monthly Archives: November 2008


This time I have a happy face to present.  A happy face is more positive to present to the public, but it does not always show you how I really feel sometimes.  I make the best of it, since the sun has gone away for 8 months.  It sure doesn’t do this in Phoenix, AZ. or LA, but that never mattered to me.  I don’t need the falling colored leaves to make me feel good inside.  I don’t need green trees either.  I didn’t grow up in a rain forest like here.  I grew up in the Sonoran desert, but most Dine’ known as Navajo grew up in the high desert of AZ.  In the higher elevations most likely of AZ, the colored leaves fall in Autumn.  I can view physical beauty in everyday life and the environment where I live and travel so I take pictures of it lately.  It’s okay to live here for now, but I’m not living here forever.

I voted for Obama.  I registered to vote during mid-September.  I didn’t know exactly what I was doing because it was the second time I voted for a president in my life time.  I used fax, e mail and regular mail to vote: absentee voting.  The instructions were a little confusing but it got sorted only because of the woman who managed the other side in Arizona, helped to make it less confusing.  Had to register from the state in the United States where I lived before and that was AZ.  I am glad I went through all that trouble to make it happen.

I read an article another Dine’ known as Navajo wrote—in the Navajo Times—but he criticized why the public didn’t inquire more into the preacher Obama broke ties with because of what he said about people and things.  I do not understand. Isn’t that enough: to break ties from someone because that is what a person has to do when the point-of-views clash and a person doesn’t agree with another person, especially if the person may offend people and since Obama was running for office.  What’s the point to discuss it and ask to inquire about it?  What’s the deal with that? There are people like that out there in everyday life and it has to be dealt with.  Relations are cut and it’s over with.  There will always be conservative type of Indian people who exist, which is what it seems to me, that point-of-view.  Yes I hear: let’s see if Obama will carry out his promises. Yes, we will have to wait and see.

In his victory speech he made on the night of November 4th, he mentioned “Native Americans” when he talked about people who exist in the United States.  As far as I’m concerned he’s the first politician, first President, when politicians address the general public of the U.S.,  to EVEN MENTION NATIVE AMERICANS as it is called in the U.S. or First Nations people.  Indian people, their issues, cultures and identity—period— usually are ignored in the mainstream U.S. media.  It’s a big deal for me to hear our identity mentioned.  We are/were the first peoples who lived on this land, the new world: North, Centro and South America.  I am tired of being ignored as a First Nations or Native American contemporary person (U.S. style) in the media.  I am a Dine’ filmmaker. Although sometimes it seems so difficult to continue on, I will not give up making my films and videos when I want to.

Some Americans like myself  became disillusioned by Bush’s Administration in the U.S. However, it was not only Bush’s Administration, but others as well.  This oppression brought me out of wood work to vote.  Other Americans felt the same way, too. That’s why I went through all the trouble to do it.  The other administrations did not draw me out enough to vote.  Reagan in the early 80’s and the two Bush administrations were very conservative for quite a long time that I suffocated from the suppression, a polite description of it all.


That Pet Costume Still Photo Contest for the local animal shelter was cancelled I found out after I sent a few messages and since October 24th when I entered it, which was kind of a disappointment, but that’s the way it goes.  At least I found out because I was feeling about it for a while: what’s going on?


A self portrait of myself, October 31 08 in my back parking lot.  I biked around a lot today to get some paper work done. Had to get in the paper work to the post office before the last pick up.  I made it, biking in the rain to do it. I luved biking in the rain.  I LUVE IT!

I miss where I come from, those feelings arise.  I wish I could visit home.  All the time the Halloweens are wet and rainy here.  Only twice has it been a dry Halloween.  How I wish I could be in LA or Phoenix.  No longer do I take it for granted the dryness and sun I like.