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Not too crazy about the snow really but it’s here.  It’s freezing and cold.  If I had money I’d travel to LA, AZ and to Mexico, the Pacific Coast this time of the year.

Good news about the screening of The Graffiti for the cast/crew and anyone who’s interested to view it.  Have support to show Navajo Talking Picture and The Graffiti at the Gachet Gallery in Vancouver in February 09.  It was very hard to find a place to screen it. I did not look real hard, but I looked and inquired.

Finally got this slide to work.  Crazy. At first it wouldn’t work, but after I tried the second time and did this and that with the computer, it worked! Sometimes you just want to throw the computer out the window.  So glad it worked.  



  1. Thanks for the comment 🙂
    Those are lovely photos. I especially like the one of Mark and Ninja Pants sitting by the window. What gorgeous lighting in that!

    • Thank you. I hardly ever receive comments about the still photos. I figure because you stem from that it’s okay. I receive comments from people who don’t even want to state their name. Wierd. I saw some of the rest of your photos in your blog. You take good pics. Nice to meet a fellow still photographer in this world who is friendly and likes to take pictures. Arlene Bowman

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