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What a month!  It’s too much to express but I wished I lived in AZ or CA right now.  Canada has it’s positive points, but…..

MOST, MOST, MOST POSITIVE ASPECT—I have to look forward to is a screening of The Navajo Talking Picture and The Graffiti.  I am happy about that.  It took a long time to get that together.

After that it is not quite as positive, but I will manage it.

I took a trip for 14 or 15 days in January in Everett, WA. I luved going away. Haven’t been back in the U.S.A. since 07 when I had the VW bus transmission problem, which was a huge problem. That was resolved.  I was not able to go on a trip over to the U.S.A. where I grew up-raised when I really wanted to.  It seems like Canada looks and interacts the same way as the U.S.A., but it does not. Canada is more of a socialist-democratic country.  Both countries are suppose to be built upon the democracy idea. Anyhow the USA’s idea about democracy almost became lost.  The good part about Canada is the health care, which is available for everybody. Health care is based upon the income in Canada.  However I still think it is better than US’s heatlh care model.  What does US have to be afraid of?  I know there are people there who think this kind of system is communistic, but it ain’t.  For the people who think that, you are living in the dark ages.  The U.S.A could follow Canada’s health care model and improve upon theirs.  Health care should be available for everybody.  I know it isn’t perfect here either.  I have heard the complaints about it.

I luved my trip to Everett. I will post more pictures of Everett later on. Everyone needs rejuvenation for their spirit. Everett was very visual looking.  My best friends in the world live there.

I hope  Obama does well this coming year in the U.S.A.  I voted for him.

I read the latest Rolling Stone about the Bush Administration, but the article put down women, Rice.  Right away  the article felt  sexist. What writer sees the world that way, although the writer dislikes Bush?


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