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I made this poster up.

This screening will happen next Friday evening in Vancouver!  It is a lot of hard work to get a digital video screening set up.  I had to go into Vancouver to the gallery to test out the dvd of The Graffiti: to see how it looked on the screen and hear how the audio sounded in the room.  The picture was huge.  It will be projected upon a large white wall. At first the picture seemed too washed out and over exposed.  I knew the video’s exposure was correct.  One of the  women who worked at the gallery knew the digital projector so she moved dials around with the remote until it looked okay.  It could have looked better, but it looked better than when we first tried to view the picture.  Also, we were experimenting around with the digital picture when the exterior daylight showed through the window. It interfered when we adjusted the picture. It was hard to get it right.



  1. Dear Arlene:

    There is this:

    Sincerely yours,

    Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

    • What a surprise. Thank you for leaving your still photographer’s web site for me to view. Interesting that we meet like this again; also to read what you wrote about your still photog’s experience to shoot us First Nations filmmaker women for the article. I remembered that I liked the still photo shot that you shot of me for the Straight article. It was a very complimentary shot. It is nice to keep in touch with you like this which I hope to in the future. Have a positive end of Winter and up coming Spring 09. Arlene Bowman

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