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Monthly Archives: March 2009


It is sunny today, but it is cold still. Yes, I like the sun showing up more.

The Graffiti dvd cover was created using a dvd template.  I discovered that dvd covers differ from each other.  I thought one size fits all, but no that is untrue.  I only found this out by doing it, finding out how to make a dvd cover.    This dvd covers fits a transparent plastic case that is thinner than a black plastic case.  The black plastic dvd cover is longer in length and width than the thin, transparent case. Therefore, I made two covers.

Yes, I showed The Graffiti at the Gachet Gallery to the crew, cast and interested public viewers on February 27th.  Glad to do it.

It was positive. In the future soon I will create a blog to only promote The Graffiti. I will play/preview a ten minute trailer of The Graffiti in another blog. It will be a lot of work to create another blog, but I have to do it. It is apart of the job of being a self-distributor for The Graffiti. I have got to decide which blog site to choose. I use wordpress right now for my film/video/still photography blog, but I wonder if another one might be better and suited to my taste to use. I have to do that since it is not playing a lot on the film/video festival circuit. It is so difficult because the film/video festivals charge fees to enter, which I cannot afford like $50 and above. If I really wanted to enter a festival that charged, it would have to be a festival that charged $10, what I can afford. Really I cannot afford even that. So how do filmmakers who do not have a lot of money do it? Therefore, I am left with the internet to try as a last resort. I cannot give up. I will not give up hope to enter The Graffiti into other festivals although, the  Native American Film and other video festivals rejected it. I have to go through the motions.

At the Gachet Gallery screening, someone expressed to me to believe in it and myself.  I like The Graffiti a lot every time I view it. I do not understand why people hate it. I think it is because it is not a classical written drama. It’s experimental.  My feelings are that not a lot of Indian people create many experimental works in film and video.  I do not get to attend the film/video fest circuit to view so it is kind of hard to judge that, but from what I view generally, a lot of films/videos mostly are classical written or structured in a traditional style than experimental. Festival juries seem accustomed to that.  It is too bad some of the jury members cannot be more “open minded.” The only ones open minded about screening The Graffiti were the Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival 2008, Kathmandu from June 5 to 8 and Talking Stick Film Festival, June 22 – 26, 2008.


I read an autobiography that Joe Jackson wrote, “A Cure for Gravity,” 1999, intelligent musician who writes great songs.  I identified with him a lot about what’s art—in his case it was music and the struggle of an artist when money is low—when he does not have money as a musician/songwriter, how he survived.  He talked about criticism or reviews about artists and why the review or feedback about works are not talked about between the reviewer and artist because to him it felt prohibited that an artist is not allowed to talk about a work of art, songs, performance and other things.  He felt why not?  I feel the same way about it because I have e mailed some organizers of film/video festivals and asked, why was The Graffiti rejected.  Most of them do not answer back at all. Yeah it is why not?  I watch reality shows such America’s Top Model. I like it a lot. I am one of the few who likes it. The aspiring models who compete receive feedback from the panel experts in the field, yeas and nays about why they were rejected or liked.  I like that.  At least the aspirants get a glimpse of why or why not, which is better than nothing.  I do not get it.  It is taboo, but why? I do not think feedback such as rejection has to be in stuffed inside a closet: the dark ages.

This morning I viewed Sunday Morning News on CBS. A segment in it described how some mainstream American newspapers have gone out of business and filed for Chapter ll. Business for the large newspapers dropped off even before the 08 recession started. The segment also described how in the beginning for newspapers in the United States, there were many sources and voices who described the news. Later on the news changed into only few main sources and voices, which dispersed the news. Now it is back to the beginning where there are many voices and sources such as blogs and websites. Things are a changing in the media.

I had a conversation with a friend on the Facebook about hiking. This friend lives in the heart of the East Side, Main and East Hastings in Vancouver. It gets to him to live in that area. He said he went hiking somewhere and it made him feel real good. I said to him, I felt glad he hiked and that it rejuvenated him. Hikes do that.  Hiking and biking can be very fun. Biking up steeps hills is hard.

From my p.o.v, hikes are best done during the summer when it warmer and drier. I prefer not to hike or bike in cold, rainy and wet weather.  When I have to bike or walk to do errands, I do it, the only time.  Do not forget—I am not trying to be rude—I grew up in a very dry/hot climate compared to here, the opposite of here.  I notice mostly women, some Canadian women both non-First Nations and First Nations, when they say the weather is hot in the summer time,  it does not feel hot to me.  It actually could be hotter.  I am use to heat already. The bus system in Phoenix,  AZ. is not as good as here.  Once during 95 the bus on Northern Avenue left me off  at 43rd Ave, which is far from my parent’s  home.  I lived with my parents for a couple of years.  Bus service on  Northern Ave. discontinued at a certain point. I walked most of the way home in 104-7 farenheit degee heat.  I have noticed other Dine’ people do not like Phoenix because of the smoldering heat in the summertime, but Dine’ people and their land is located in the high desert compared to Phoenix, the Sonoran desert, the lowlands, I call it.  Most Dine’ people are use to a cooler and drier climate.  The Grand Canyon area in AZ. is similar as well. Both are located in Northern AZ., a total different world than Southern AZ.  I like both because they are so different.

We attended the Delta end of the month FireHall Open Mike.  I did not do anything this time because I have a lot of things I have to attend to.  I watched Mark play his guitar and sing the songs he wrote.  The mood was somber.  Okay, but I have observed more upbeat times there.




So lately I have had the flu since this last Tuesday,  but I am happy Spring is coming. Both Mark and I caught the flu.  

The  buds of tree branches are sprouting.  

We have to leave this apartment by the end of June.  It is a long story, but I will be glad to go from here.  Hope the next place will be more positive. It has to be!

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