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Monthly Archives: April 2009


These pictures were taken this evening.  I forced Mark to take pictures of me, where we live on 120 Street, but we shall be gone from this place very soon!

Lots of graffiti around here. It can be hard to get pictures of graffiti like this when it is so close.  


I heard that near 74 Avenue and 120 when the Canucks won one of the playoffs, a fight broke out in that area. I said to Mark, why aren’t they satisfied that they won instead of having fights with each other.   I said these people are spoilt. Why can’t they be happy they won.


I am not a hockey fan. Never was. Am I expected to get hung up about hockey just because I live in Canada.  No way! I luv to dance even though I am a Dine’ filmmaker. Dancin is the best.  It’s better than hockey!  


pussy-i-photo-ap4-09These pictures of the eagles I took last Tuesday on my way back from the Cat Care, Surrey SPCA.  I saw them in a park as I looked up. The eagle with the white head was either a mother or father eagle. The black eagle is her or his son or daughter. Usually whenever an eagle is black, he/she is a younger eagle.  The term is fledgling.  I took the picture with a small Canon 580 camera.  The lens is simple.  It picked it up okay.  A friend wrote back and said they were my spirit guides.

The buds from the branches I took in a park April 4th on a Saturday.

We may have an apartment, but we shall know by tomorrow or Wednesday.  I cross my fingers about it.  If it is a yes, it will settle the stress around here  a lot. Most of the apartments or places to consider in Surrey, do not want pets.  It does not leave us with many choices since we have a cat, Ninja Pants.  I will not “surrender”  her and give her to the SPCA.


My parents turned me down to take care of Ninja Pants. I had to ask.  My mother said that a lot of people who move in around where they live, abandon their pets. They have adopted a lot of cats.  I wish people did not abandon their cats or dogs and assume that their cats and dogs will take care of themselves because most likely that will not happen. They are domesticated pets who depend on us.  I am not perfect about it, but I’ve learned. They may not know how to hunt.  A lot more more responsibility needs to be taken by people  about their pets than to leave them to fend for themselves.

I learned today from my sisters that one of my cousins died in Holbrook because he froze in the cold, which is sad.

I attended a video workshop this last weekend.  I learned some things about video, but mostly I attended to make contact with people. That happened.  The men were my age or a little younger. Women are easier to talk to and ask questions. I don’t know why, but it is for me. If I had a technical question to ask about video, this group is the group of people to offer feedback. This kind of feedback I have in LA with a few film/video makers, but I don’t have it here. I don’t know why there are so many walls built up here with First Nations and non-First Nations filmmakers. It is with everyone though. Now at long last, I think I may have met a group of people to converse and interact with about video and things like that, which is positive. Everyone needs POSITIVE VIBRATONS.

The Graffiti screened at the March 7-9, Northern BC, Haida Gwaii.  I felt so happy, but I didn’t know about this news until today. Better late to know than never.