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These pictures were taken this evening.  I forced Mark to take pictures of me, where we live on 120 Street, but we shall be gone from this place very soon!

Lots of graffiti around here. It can be hard to get pictures of graffiti like this when it is so close.  


I heard that near 74 Avenue and 120 when the Canucks won one of the playoffs, a fight broke out in that area. I said to Mark, why aren’t they satisfied that they won instead of having fights with each other.   I said these people are spoilt. Why can’t they be happy they won.


I am not a hockey fan. Never was. Am I expected to get hung up about hockey just because I live in Canada.  No way! I luv to dance even though I am a Dine’ filmmaker. Dancin is the best.  It’s better than hockey!  


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