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This afternoon around 2 p.m. Mark and I walked down the hill to the Serpentine Wildlife Sanctuary.  It took an hour.  It was a nice walk in the sun.

We walked on a path that Mark thought was a short cut.  Just as I was going to walk beyond some bushes, Mark said, “Come look.”  He pointed to the dirt ground.  I saw brown fur that breathed. At first it looked like a small mouse, but closer, I saw it was a small rabbit hiding under some brushes, trying to hide from dogs and people.  We learned later on we found out the baby rabbit had an injured left foot.  Sad.

We walked back home.  Our apartment is not far from the Serpentine Wildlife Sanctuary.  I was kind of curious about walking to the Serpentine. Now I know how long it can take.  Returning back, we had to walk up a hill that had heavy traffic.  We had to be very careful to not get hit.

That’s what happened today.

I had been working on applications and forms to turn in.  Almost done with the tedious work of looking up dates and other details.


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