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Yesterday I called the Critter Care to find out about Hunter’s health progress. I was told he is okay. Hunter will be released today or tomorrow.  When I heard that I felt glad.  The woman said a lot of small rabbits because of stress do not make it. I think Hunter is a tough, young cottontail.  Good news! Go Hunter!

Not so good news, earlier this week I heard about a massacre that happened to Indigenous protestors in Baqua Grande, Peru by the Peruvian military ordered by Alan Garcia, President of Peru.  The Indigenous protestors were defending their land and rights the same that happened in the U.S. approximately 200 or so years ago between the U.S. military, settlers and Indian peoples. It still happens now! Hardly many Americans know about this and other issues such as the wall erected at the border between United States and Mexico. None of the mainstream media covered this new news story!  This is genocide.  All the other stories of genocide receive coverage such as in Africa, but when it happens to Indigenous people in the Americas, Indigenous people receive censorship from the mainstream media in North America.  This issue has to do with the North American Free Trade Agreement that United States and Peru worked on and started under Bush’s administration in the name of oil and resources for the U.S. Obama backs it up. Also, Canada as well. I am very disappointed with the Obama Administration that he backs it up.  What change is this?

I learned about this news because Indigenous Environmental Network sent me the information.  They have detailed information –


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