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New buildings being built in a downtown Canadian city. Salmon berries sprout from bushes. What a mixture in June Vanc 09.

Today was strange. It started out okay. Mark and I went shopping for food for the month. We unloaded the food from my VW bus into our apartment. I had to

work on my paper work.  After I finished rehearing vhs copies of some mini dv tapes, I turned on the tv to see what was going on.  I heard that Michael Jackson died.

For me it was a shock to hear that.  Wierd to hear that. The news said he died of a cardiac heart arrest.   The news also said he was going to tour in July, next month. He had a set of concerts he was going to undertake. Ticket sales were good in London.  One woman interviewed today said, she didn’t think that it was going to amount to much like maybe something might happen to falter it because she said it has happened before. I thought, that’s really negative. I was kind of rooting for him to succeed. The news also said the police were going to investigate his death.

I was a fan of Michael Jackson.  Always have been.  I always think people will live a long time. Not to die suddenly like this.

After the negative events happened to him about the child molestation, some people in the media called him names like Jacko Wacko, which I resented. That’s very childish of the media to do that.   In fact it’s down right cruel.

I liked his earlier stuff until “Bad.”  He could dance really well. I’m betting when  he was small, he watched James Brown dance do his moves. After that I didn’t keep up with it. I’ve always liked Black rhythm and blues music all my life since 11 or 12 years old. I heard Black music on the a.m. station in Phoenix, Arizona, where I grew up.  I can dance to that music very well.  I am a very good social dancer of rhythm and blues music.

I remember once getting into an argument with someone about Michael Jackson and his music.   I always defended him.  I never hated him or disliked him because those negative things happened to him.  For me the music overshadowed those negative events in his life.  I could held no prejudice against him.  I know some people hated him.  All I can say to you people is that you don’t know what it’s like to dance and move to his music. It makes you want to dance. His music made him.

To remember Michael Jackson.


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