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It’s getting to reach around 90 farenheit in Vanc, BC but I like that.

Included are some pictures I took of my “birthday bash” this last Sunday.  It was fun.  The most interesting part happened the moment my foot stepped from my vw bus onto the ground at Semiamooh Beach in White Rock. I looked above at the skies between the green leaves of a tree and I saw some white head eagles fly back and forth.  I couldn’t believe it.  Mark told me to look up. I told Mark that we were blessed. Right on my birthday!

Then later on as we walked, we saw two white head eagles, the same ones we saw before.  They were parents.  Some of their brood of black  eagles flew back and forth between two or three trees.  We could hear their cries clear. Eagles have a high pitched voice. Sounds pretty. I don’t know how to describe it.  It isn’t harsh or ugly. Pleasant to hear the sound of eagles talk to each other.

We noticed one of the younger black eagles, had a raggedy wing span. Usually it looks smoother than that.  Maybe the eagle had rough time growing up.

We set up our small picnic camp.  Mark made a meal that was similar to an Ethiopian meal: boiled eggs, macaroni salad and soup.  It was kind of vegetarian.  I am not vegetarian.  I eat meat sometimes.  Throughout the whole day we talked and I took pictures of things.  Mark likes to walk around on the beach, look for shells and things.

Then later on we left that place and decided to try to find another beach, but it was in Crescent Beach, which is next door to White Rock.  As we drove, I looked out for a boardwalk that walked down to the beach area.  I saw something that looked like one. Let’s go there!  It was a whim to stop, park the vw bus and then find out if the path went to the beach.  Sure enough, the guess was right, a  spontaneous guess.

I related to Mark. I’m built like that:  when and where I decide what to do, it’s from a spontaneous action.  I’m organized at the same time.  I said I learned how to be organized by being a filmmaker type.  I always wasn’t like that. I was forced to be.  I can be both. Some people totally think “on a whim” while others totally are “too organized”—too structured for me.

That’s why such as in an acting class or even if allowed to do it in a fictional film or video drama, to improvise a scene or dance in a dance class is fun to do.

May add more pictures of my birthday bash later on.

I luv wild flowers.


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