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Working on my paper work.  It gets done.

Near our stair way an orange spider lives.  The spider  caught a worm. I could view it entangled in the web. When I looked at the spider closer after I downloaded the picture to my tower, I noticed that the spider had a diamond white shape on her/his back. The design is kind of pretty. Also the spider spinned a web.  I could see a string coming from one of it’s legs.

I placed Ninja Pants our cat on the window sill for a picture so she could sit. She sat a little bit, then jumped down.  Ninja Pants is good jumper. She had kittens once. Her kittens were good jumpers.  I guess all cats are good jumpers.

The flowers—the pink flower with the black bumble bee, located on Boundary Bay dike path near Mud Bay.  The other flowers were located on a road to Mud Bay close by, a street over in the suburban area.  The flowers are no longer there.  A bunch of wild flowers bloomed.  Trees now have taken over. They’re gone.  That was 3-4 weeks ago.

I was told this summer had the hottest temperatures in the Vancouver Lower main land since previous years. Yeah, but I like it.

Got to take the book by Janis Ian back to the library because it’s two days late. Really liked her auto biography. Liked it better than Bob Dylan’s auto bio. Will write about it later. She wrote very much from a female’s p.o.v.  She didn’t hold back.  Being a musician is a difficult life sometimes.


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