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Monthly Archives: August 2009

No more Rock You for displaying still photographs anymore.

In future to put up those pictures Rock You took away.  Sorry about that:  The clouds looked puffy as I looked up outside of our apartment. My cat, Ninja Pants and wild daisies from a field close by where we live, a 5 min. walk. The wild daisies are in the same vicinity as the black wasp hive. We visited the hive this week on Thursday.  We noticed it became built up a little more.  We were careful this time not to get too close.  We were at Crescent Beach last night.  I speak about it below.

Sometimes scenes are good. Sometimes not.  I try to see the positive in the world, but sometimes it is very hard to be upbeat about it. The end of summer. That’s what it seems to me lately and I really don’t want it go.

To live isn’t perfect.  Mainstream media treats life to be lived so perfectly, where people eat well. They have money to drive around in a fancy car and travel around the world at the drop of a hat.  Yeah, but it is a reality that some people live the opposite way without much money. I don’t know if most people live in the opposite way, low income where people eat very small or eat what they have left from their food shelves, which is not much or where people can’t go out to view first release films or travel around the country and view places a person sees on television or reads or hears about.  Even if the media tells this story, what I see it treats the world like Disneyland, a rose garden: a cleaned up unrealistic version; for example a tv drama I previewed for the Fall, a series on Canadian tv called Degrassi Goes to Hollywood.  Some 19-2l year old White young people try to make it in the entertainment business in LA.  All I saw was this preview or trailer to see what the action was about so I could change the channel. I’ve lived in Hollywood so I know.  My version is not rose colored.  What I like is completely different than what the mainstream public likes anyhow. I tend to like raw and realistic story lines. I like comedy.  I like reality shows, too

Went to a beach called Crescent Beach yesterday evening. It really wasn’t that good of a scene, but I took a few descent pictures. That was positive. We should have stayed home.  Fore saw that the weather was not going to be sunny and warm like today.  By 6:30 p.m. the wind became windier and colder.  Not what I envisioned.  On the day we went to the Semiahmoo Beach for my birthday, the weather condition was gray and cold, but we had a good time.  Different psyches.

Plod through my paper work. Slowly I do it.  I force myself.  Once this paper work is over, I shall be free of this! I can go on and do other things I want to work on!  It will be good.

I applied for a job, art coordinator.  I shall see.

Today I went surfing in the NY Times on line newspaper and viewed:  celebration at Prospect Park – Michael Jackson’s 51st birthday.  Spike Lee put it on.  Oh, to be in N Y today to attend M Jackson’s music celebration!

I wish I could’ve attended my own still photographic opening, but that’s the way it goes.


Navajo Nation Museum

Through The Lens Diné Photographers

Exhibit Opening & Reception

The Navajo Nation Museum Presents First Juried Photography Invitational For Navajo Photographers Through the Lens: Diné Photographers Guest Curators…Read More

Host:Navajo Nation Museum

Time:5:15PM Friday, August 28th

Location:Navajo Nation Museum – Gallery Four

I will be in a group Still Photography Show at the Navajo Nation Museum on August 28th.  This month! I shipped the still photograph package on Monday of this week, August 10th.  I hope it arrives by at least August 21 or 27th at the latest, which is cutting it close.  The still photograph package should arrive by 22nd or 24 or even earlier.

I’d like attend but it’s far away in Window Rock, Arizona on the Navajo Reservation.  It would be very interesting. Never before been among my own kind to experience an opening for still photographs. I have thoughts about still photography, but shall write about the still photography later on.

Today Mark showed me a hive he said that belonged to a black wasp with a white zig zag design on his/her back.  The wasp was not the typical yellow jacket wasp.  This one was larger than a yellow jacket wasp.  One of the wasps visited us about two weeks ago.  Mark said as he opened the gate here, a black wasp headed straight to his head. He had to swat it. Mark said he saw an unusual looking hive at a place where he walks to and visits.  He wanted me to see it. It was located close by. I took some pictures of the hive and wasps.  As I took some final pictures, I leaned onto a tree that held the hive. Hive swayed. Wasps felt the movement of the branch.  Within a few seconds a bunch of wasps flew out of their nest and started to attack us. We ran.  Mark kind of was stuck in place.  I ran the way we walked into the area. I knew how to get out.  I wore my hiking boots to walk and to view the hive this morning. One of the black wasps bit Mark’s finger twice. It swelled up, but fortunately he is not allergic to it.

I told Mark to keep on walking fast or run because the wasps might still fly after us. I took the black wind breaker, kept moving it in the wind to shake off any wasp that lurked inside his windbreaker.  He seemed to think a wasp was stuck inside his jacket. As we walked home, a wasp flew out from no where.  It may have come from his jacket.  This is the first time I was chased by wasps.  It was about 12:15 p.m. when we reached home.

I told Mark if the swelling swells up after a couple of hours, go see the doctor. So it’s 2:15 p.m. now. No huge swelling. Good. Once I was with this guy in Washington State hiking. Some bees hung out near a creek.  We went close to their hive. The bees came after us and stung us because we came too close to them. I was stung three times.  My friend was stung as well, but within a few minutes, his body and skin turned into a bunch of welts.  His skin and body looked strange. It scared him.  Nothing more happened to him, except that. Later on I learned the sting reaction could’ve been fatal. As I recall, I didn’t even treat my bee stings.  It went away on it’s own.