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Monthly Archives: September 2009


Gluteus Maximus Pearamus

Mark found some pears in an abandoned lot and he brought them home. The pears tasted good. One pear did not look like a pear.  Mark called that pear gluteus maximus pearamus.

The weather is unusual but I do not mind it. Yesterday it was gray and cold but today the sun returned. I like it. Mostly it has been more sunny and warm than gray and cold this September. Usually the Septembers are the start of the rainy season, which are mostly gray and cold.

It was warm as I biked home from the Surrey SPCA.  I talked with a volunteer worker about M Jackson. It sounded like she believed in too many rumors about him. She said because I didn’t have children it was the reason why I wasn’t prejudiced against him. Faulty reasoning. I support him because I don’t believe he was guilty of child molestation.

There was one red head kitten who was very friendly and cute. Wish I could’ve taken her/him home. The kitten liked to play.

About three weeks ago, the news said that the sock eye salmon did not return. Had a crash.  I guess the warmer weather and sun affects the salmon return, too. Sad to hear that.  I blame human beings a lot for this, development people who most likely don’t care.

I applied for an art coordinator job.  I shall see. I hope.

Got to obtain another media storage drive for the still photographs, but shall see about that. It cost money.