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Yesterday Ninja Pants was sleepy when she woke up so she decided to go back to bed, take a nap on a Sunday morning.   She jumped from the window sill onto her owner’s bed to sleep.  She woke up refreshed within an hour.  She stretched her legs and shoulders.  She looked up at the bright morning sun shine shining upon her front porch. She could feel the warmth of sun rays upon her black fur.

A good day to bike to a park near Crescent Beach, she thought. Ninja put on her biker’s helmet hat, backpack and biked to a park.  While she sat on the grass during the late afternoon at Elgin’s Park, she eyed a blue heron who was out to hunt for fish in the pond.  She stared at the bird.  The blue heron moved slow.  Each leg of the heron moved slow as the heron viewed a fish in the water.  When the heron was ready to pounce upon the fish,

the heron paused.  Head and pointed bill stood still. When the time arrived, head and bill moved fast into the stream. Heron picked up the fish and quickly ate his meal. Ninja Pants watched the whole episode.  This time this blue heron did not fly away so fast.  He stayed.  He was not afraid. Ninja Pants took her small digital camera and shot pictures of the blue heron.  Such a beautiful bird like the eagle, she said to herself.   She only wore a tank top that exposed her arms and torso. Even though Ninja Pants had many problems in her life to solve, yesterday the sun’s warmth in the afternoon felt so good upon her fur.


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