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Fresh Media Conference that I attended on Saturday October 24 from 12 noon til 6:00 p.m. was basically about New Media:  anything that’s not the traditional media such as the use of cell phones or digital still photo cameras to shoot videos or still photos. Digital streaming live was apart of it.  There are other tools to use, but cannot think of them now because I am not an expert on it.  I went to it to see what people said about it versus the mainstream media. I’ve heard of reports where people said mainstream media was slow to respond to the internet.  I heard it more from the music industry first, how people downloaded music from certain sites.  It confirmed that the internet does have an impact upon mainstream media.  Lots of young people attended more than people my age but I am curious so that is why. Also, it is my business to know this information.  Altogether it cost $15.00.  For me that was high but I know other conferences cost more than that.  It is important for me to find out what goes on.

I didn’t how the party was going to be but I enjoyed it mostly because I danced a lot.  The dj’s played old school music that I liked and not so much stuff a person hears at a regular discoteque. A young white guy sang words to a song with a beat.  When the dj played songs I knew, I did not have any hesitation to dance to the songs because I danced to them before and they were my favorite songs to dance to.  I AM NOT A SHY PERSON WHEN IT COMES TO SOCIAL DANCING BECAUSE I CAN DANCE THE SOCIAL DANCES VERY WELL.  None of the other people my age or the young people matched my social dance skills.  For example when people dance the jerk, the public goes half way and not all the way with the movement.  Otherwise, the jerk does not look like a jerk when it is supposed to be.  I knew most of the social dances that came out when those dances first came like the pony, the twist, the jerk and mash potatoes.  I never caught on to any of the hustle dances but I know I could learn if someone showed me.  The dance party got going by around 10 p.m. Also,  a word press demonstration went on, the older style where block words are set up. Ink is rolled and pressed onto white thick paper.  I printed RESIST, but I made a mistake printing resist in the beginning.  I remembered to place the words backwords and then print.  The second try I got it right. I left a copy for the party and brought a copy with me.  That was fun.  I left by 12 midnight because I didn’t want to be locked out.  I stayed over at someone’s apartment.  She said she’d by home by 10 p.m.  I biked to her apartment.  Hardly any traffic on the roads Saturday night.

I met a women who was a filmmaker.  She was a kind woman.  I approached her to talk to her.  Usually I am real shy. I am not a real heavy duty schmoozer type but I know I should if I want to meet people. This time the choice was positive.  I am glad I attended and had a good time.


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