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[rockyou id=154599954&w=450&h=338] Leaves in a park near by, Ninja Pants, our cat I shot on the $2 pumpkin we bought at a store last week. I was surprised by her good behavior as a model on the pumpkin.  The people in the Halloween costumes walked down E. Hastings Street.

Aftermath of Halloween 09-The screening of The Graffiti at the Carnegie Community Theatre on October 31 09 went well.  There was a crowd of more than 10 people which was great.  I’ve been to open mics where there were less people than that.  I am grateful.  The Heart of the City Festival improves every year.  I like the festival myself. In previous years I have participated in some of their events such as the two day theatre workshop. 

Before I drove into Vancouver from Surrey, I drew a picture of our cat Ninja Pants with a pumpkin in a computer drawing   I inserted the picture into my profile Facebook picture.  I liked the way it came out. 

I arrived around 6 p.m. well ahead of my 8:55 p.m. screening. I was kind of late because I was suppose to meet my friend Ann, a person I have come to know, one of the only few women to know as a friend in Vancouver than most people.  She’s about my age and Chinese.  When I walked right through the door at the Carnegie Centre, she stood there to my left.  Could not believe it!  This happened when she invited me to the Chinese New Year’s Parade 09.  In the beginning when I arrived at the parade, there were a lot of people who came to view the parade. I searched for her in the crowds and couldn’t find her.  I gave up to find her.  I went to the Carnegie to eat dinner because they serve very good low cost meals.  I saw her there!   It just seems it was meant to be to find her among the millions of people.  Amazing! 

I wanted to view the other documentaries there.  I really got into all the documentaries. Very good.  Mine was one of the few documentary dramas.  Could classify it as that, too.  I liked all of them.  I learned a lot about Vancouver’s and BC’s history in regards to the Chinese, Japanese, the downtown East Side area/residents and  the Coast Salish, the First Nations people who lived here before Vancouver BC was built upon their land/culture similar as the rest of the Americas.  

Also, the screening looked good of The Graffiti.  The colors and focus of the video were right on.  I had a short question/answer period but that was okay.  One woman complimented Mark J. McLeod’s songs.  Other people have asked about the songs before.  For me it is a sign that if the public is interested in the songs from this video, therefore, when Mark J. McLeod creates and promotes his cd demo of songs written and sung, it will create an interest from the public.  Another audience member made a very insightful response to the Graffiti screening.  She said I portrayed the racism in an honest way.  Because of this open portrayal of racism of this First Nations/Indigenous women, people do not want to face the racism they have towards First Nations/Indigenous people.  Once a Dine’ woman expressed it just like that about the Navajo Talking Picture.  She said it was like the heart was open.For some people it’s hard to look at and experience it.  It’s true that people do not want to deal with true heavy issues.  When people view the video, the feelings and issues are brought out of the closet to the surface.  People have to face it or shun it or however a person deals with it.  I kind of thought it might be that way, but didn’t know for sure.  It created an understanding about the public I knew existed, but in a way I couldn’t confirm it.  When she said that, my feelings were clarified.  Over all I had a good response. 

Ann said she’d give me a ride to where my VW bus was parked near Jackson and Prior Streets.  As I sat in her car, I saw some people dressed in costumes walk down the Hastings street sidewalk.  I could tell the people really worked on them, put some time and effort to create them.  I said to Ann.  Look at them.  I said, I have a camera.  Do mind if I went out to see if I can get a picture of them.  She said okay. I ran to catch up with the two people in costume I saw.  They weren’t far away.  I asked as I caught up to them, Can I take your picture?  I took a picture quickly.  It looked good. IMG_6157_1Do you want me to e mail this pic?  Both nodded no. They were both very gracious about it.  Very.  Usually I can’t really tell how the pic looks until I view the still photo on the computer screen, a test for me.  Can view every flaw.  The small Canon camera has a small lcd screen.  Sometimes the focus is way off.  I am suppose go by the green light that appears to okay if the shot is in focus or not. I am not use to automatic cameras.  I usually focus shots manually. 

Glad she gave me a ride to my car because it is a little lonely to walk on the streets 10:30 p.m. or so, especially where I parked my car.  Have to look out and check to note if someone may jump me. I’ve been jumped before in LA.  Since that incident, I always look  around as I insert the key into my driver’s handle to open the car door.  She waited for me as I opened the door and wiped the windows so I could see when I drove. That took a minute. 

I drove home on the Canada 1.  Made it over a bridge, one of 3 bridges to cross over to Surrey because the Fraser River runs through.  Have to cross over the river.  Exited off the 152 St.  Ended up getting lost.  Completely lost.  A little worried about the low gas in the car at the same time.  I had to stop at a convenience store and ask:  I’m lost.   A customer from India dressed contemporarily walked in. He went out of his way to show me how to get to my apartment in Surrey.  He drew a map of the route on a piece of paper.

When I stepped out of my VW and walked to my apartment, I saw the moon glow overhead among the clouds on Halloween night. It looked like the moon provided enough available light to take a picture.  I took some moon shots.  That’s how it went on October 31st,  the aftermath of Halloween night as I write this. 















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