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The Graffiti, December 6th, Sunday, 8:35 p.m.


Santa Fe Independent Film Fest will show the most provocative independent films from all over the globe. Underground cinema, art films, innovative and experimental work, guerilla projects and politically controversial films are welcomed with open arms. We do not host lavish parties, stroke movie stars, or charge outrageous ticket prices. It is the belief of the Santa Fe IFF that art is for the people and going to the movies should cost $6 or less.

Our objective is to put film in New Mexico back into the hands of the community through a grass roots movement of filmmakers. By doing so we mean to create a model for the democratization of film all over the world.

This year’s fest will showcase over twenty films, including eight features.

Along with the many up and coming filmmakers that will be shown at this year’s fest, we will premier a teaser for Norman Patrick Brown’s newest picture, The Rainbow Boy and we will also show the Canadian feature Heater starring Gary Farmer.

Check out our new website at for a schedule of films and up-to-date info. Below is a copy of the 2009 film schedule.

Schedule of Films Santa Fe IFF 2009:

Friday, December 4th  5pm to 10 pm at Warehouse 21

5pm The Devil’s Bullets            Stephen McKissin

5:10pm Fools Gold                      Matt Page

5:30pm Assimilation                  Shelene Bridge

6:00pm Poison Wind                   Norman Patrick Brown

7:00pm Beauty 24                         Steve Gatlin

8: 25pm  Dead Air                          Morgana Lesley Morgan

Saturday, December 5th 3:30pm to 6:30pm at Warehouse21

3:30pm Bread & Circus                 Tim Gregoire

3:50pm Rez Hope                           Norman Patrick Brown

4:20pm el Matador            Joe Ray Sandoval

4:25pm PowerBall                 Gary Farmer

4:30pm Used Parts

4:40pm For Her                                Antonio Weiss

5:10pm But Jenny you’re from Vegas     Jerome Leyba

7:00pm  World Premiere Teaser/ Trailer for Norman Patrick Brown’s The Rainbow Boy  with cast present at the Station Coffeehouse award ceremony

Sunday, December 6th 4pm- 11:20pm at the SF Complex

4:00pm-6pm            Wine and Meet and Greet with Actors

6:00pm Heater                                       Starring Gary Farmer

7:25pm Goodnight my Zombies         Wes Studi

7:30pm Dear John                 Lisa Hill

7:40pm Horse Song             Norman Patrick Brown

8:35pm  The Graffiti        Arlene Bowman

9:05pm Wastewater                       Melissa J White

9:15pm The Last Pill                 Stephen “Jules” Rubin

9:20pm Indian Rezervation Blues                    Guy Fay

10:15pm Rejection                        Jacques Paisner, Starring David Moore


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