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For now here’s my Xmas card and I hope it doesn’t look too cheesy. Will write in this later on.

These pictures were shot at a park near by.  The big tree with lights was shot at Holland Park in Surrey.  It was real cold to shoot these pictures so much that the cold hurt my fingers to press the trigger of the camera button, but I wanted to do it.  I enjoy picture taking even if the rest of it I do not like.  Xmas requires that people spend money and I do not have the money to spend upon Xmas.  The way the media and businesses treat it, only the well to do can have a descent Xmas.  I cannot buy a second gift this year.  At the same time businesses have to survive from people who spend money.  It has been like this for more than a couple of years. Til later on.


The end of 09. I like having a blog. It enables me to have A  VOICE where as I would NOT HAVE a VOICE at all as a Dine’ filmmaker.  Of course, I have a voice in a way since the last 2 years The Graffiti has screened at some film/video festivals in North America and world wide, which I am very grateful for.  It has not screened a lot.  My video about racism is heard about and seen.  Writing a blog is similar.  Also it’s like writing a book. I get to take pictures a long with it. I could supply it with videos but that’s a huge job.

I am suppose to look for a gift for Mark today. I planned to bike to the stores today to look for them. The weather is a problem is for me. It’s suppose to snow but where we live it seems like the snow wants to miss us. I see small flakes of snow. It’s been doing this for a day so far and this morning. It’s kind of funny that snow wants to miss where we live. The thing is as I said, it’s very very cold to bike in and have to be dressed up for it, not be cold as I drive the bike. Have to drive carefully in it, too. Last week I biked home from the sky train station after seeing the dentist. As I made a right turn to cross the street, I swerved right too extreme and I fell down right in the middle of the road and traffic. I knew that I would have to stand up fast and get out of the line of traffic. Fortunately the traffic wasn’t huge. I was lucky. Otherwise a car would’ve run me over. Not kidding. I hurt my knee, but not that much. The roads get slippery from the grease and ice. I’m not really use to biking in this weather and I really don’t luv it as other Canadians. I am sorry bout that. Not everyone luvs this weather. I admit it looks pretty to shoot pics in but as far moving around in it. No way. Have to put chains on cars if want to seriously travel in snow around the city. I have chains but prefer not to do that chore. Never use to have to do this stuff in Phoenix or LA. Not the style I grew up in.

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I luv to view feature films and videos, fiction and non fiction. I’m attracted to certain feature films released. Not all out there, but some. Films I have liked: Umberto D by Luchino Visconti, Los Muertos, German Aimee & Jaguar, The Pan Labryinth made by a Mexican filmmaker, Narnia and other animal stories. I saw some dvds of feature films that I’d like to buy or rent from a video store, but it maybe better to buy them because those dvd rentals cost just as much as the dvds themselves to buy such as Timothy Buttons, which stars Brad Pitt, The Changeling which stars Angle Jolie, Out into the Wild, directed by Sean Penn. I notice I like films: docu dramas, dramas that present a serious story, or fantasies like Narnia.

I’ve viewed pornography films but I find them to be BORING. Maybe if someone wrote a good story for the pornographic piece, it might work. When the Behind the Green Door came out in the early 70’s, I went with a girlfriend to see it in SF, CA. Never seen a porn film before in my life. Boring and never returned since to view a porno film. Other porno videos I’ve viewed, the same thing. What’s the use to view porno films if I think they’re boring?

Film stories I like a  lot transport me from my realistic life into another level or world, which affects me. It makes me feel good and I think a lot about it. I like that. I’m aware of how films and videos are made but just because I know that it doesn’t take away from the magic of viewing a film or video story.  A friend I know said he lost interest to view films or videos because he is aware about the technical aspects of how make films or videos.  So why be in film and video making, if a person feels that way? I don’t understand.


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