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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Each year on February 14, women of all colors march in the East Side of Vancouver BC for women who are missing and have disappeared. Serial killers killed these Indigenous and non Indigenous women in Vancouver BC Canada.   Some of the Indigenous women are prostitutes.  According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, span killings  occurred 1997-2001.  In the beginning, the early 2000’s, the Vancouver police were forced to investigate the murders and they really did not want to.  At one point, a whole forensic team gathered at the Pickton Farm in Port Coquitlam to sift through evidence of found bones or remains of the women. The Willie Pickton trial followed with a conviction of six second degree murders for the missing women. Some murders of missing women still remain unresolved and they have not been tried.  This is the general back history of this march.

Why do these prostitutes and other types of women get killed by such men? This is beyond me because I do not understand such men.  All I can think of is that they must hate women a lot, but why??? Does not make sense.

Every year and if the weather is good or okay, I march this womens’ march for missing women because I believe in it.  All I know is that there’s a lot of prejudice and stereotypes which goes on against First Nations women and men, but women in particular in Vancouver and Canada.  I expressed to a woman today, racial profiling is real.  I know because I have experienced it in Los Angeles and Vancouver BC simply because my skin is brown and I am a female.

This year’s march had the largest group marching.  Good. The march is getting to be more known.  If it is getting to be more known, the information and knowledge is getting out there about women and violence against women.

This time, but I have done it before, I brought my hand drum, played a womens’ chant song and sang along with other women singers on the march. The weather was a sunny day, real good for a march. Before the march began, some Indigenous men and women drummed and sang songs with hand drums.  Some said, Hey look above.  We saw a pair of eagles circle above the drummers and crowds’ heads: a good sign.

Once I marched and it rained constantly. I became cold.  My fingers had hypothermia.  I had to go inside an Indigenous meeting place to get warm, and then resume the march, but I was glad this march had descent weather.

No pictures I shot up above. The software that went out of business. All them were shot this last Sunday, February 14, 10.  One picture with the candles on the ground was shot at Oppenheimer Park in Vancouver 08, which is located in the heart of the East Side.  This year the marchers could not walk into the park where the wooden totem pole is located, lay down the candles, make prayers and present memorial speeches because the park was being refurbished.  I uploaded that picture because it is usually included as part of the march at the park.