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Will post pictures.  Sorry about that.  No Pictures: The burnt house was shot near the Native Ed Ctre early March 19th on my way to attend the workshop at the Native Ed. Ctre.  Clouds that are gray against a blue sky always signifiy Spring around here, which are dramatic.  More sun breaks seem to happen. More pink blossoms bloom.  Eagle parent of two watch over their nest.  The two eagles returned this year to nest at Strathcona Park. One year I observed that they didn’t return. The eagle at Strathcona Park flew away after being harassed by the crows. He said, “I’ve had enough. I’m leaving.”  Those crows actually peck and nip at him or her.   I saw another eagle’s nest in another tree. The eagles like that park. Since it has been windy lately as today April 8, 10, I wonder how they manage the wind in the trees. Must be cold and very patient about the weather.

One great thing about right now is that I luv Spring’s return! Spring means more heat, light and longer days. I LUV IT!!!!!!!Remember I am a First Nations/Native American from a lowland desert called the Sonoran Desert. Dine’ Native Americans live Northeastern Arizona, Northwestern New Mexico and Southeastern Utah in the high desert where the desert grows sage and pine trees like in Kamloops BC, which has a higher altitude than Phoenix, Arizona.

This is very sad news to hear about Wilma Mankiller who died of pancreatic cancer- I heard her speak at the Native American Journalist Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma – 2006, which I attended. I am a Dine’ filmmaker. I had heard about her from the news as she was chief of the Cherokee Nation. Not many female Native American women hold positions as leaders/chiefs of their Nations these days such as her, but there could be more women leading such positions. She seemed like a open minded Native American woman had a lot of insight about the world and people. I was very inspired by her speech. After the speech, I walked up to her at the podium and expressed how she inspired to me. I was very impressed. Believe me it takes a lot to impress me.
Hearing that news mixed with other information lately I felt affected by it.
Soon the two year run to screen The Graffiti will end, but I will create a blog to promote the Graffiti. The Graffiti showed in a few film video festivals.
Conversed with my co-worker at Cat Care SPCA and learned that if person is too much of free thinker the description she expressed, a person will get fired or be told go. Therefore, a whistle blower will get told to go or a person who complains a lot about a place. I replied back, So this is what politics is about.  I can imagine what it’s like in mainstream politics to operate, what would it be like. I probably couldn’t handle it if I knew definitely things were wrong or could be better handled. Why not have the freedom to speak up? I thought in my brain, I need to start my own business. Actually I have been thinking about this for years. I have ideas, but to DO IT is it. I have enough management experience and skills to actually do it. What I mean is I observe myself maybe too much in that I think or over think about things to do. In turn, it “censors” me out from doing it. A person can scare her/himself from doing stuff. I am aware of this. However, in my life there are issues that need to be resolved first before I give my all to start my business.  I work it out slowly to attain it like attending those workshops for a non-profit organization in March at the Native Ed. Ctre. Actually that same censorship of myself happened at 24 during 1974 when I decided to travel alone to Mexico, Centro America and South America. I am a traveller you know. I remember my mother expressing: You don’t even know the Espanol language! You don’t even know the countries. I said I don’t care. I’m going to still do it.(Travel down south from Arizona.) I knew knowing Espanol would help theoretically, but at the same time, the want to go and travel was so great it provided the motivation.   Guess what? I did it. I travelled down South from AZ for 4 l/2 months which is a long time to be away from Estados Unidos (United States) and not even know the Espanol language. Was I naive. Yes, but I don’t regret it. I regret not being able to converse in the Espanol language. I learned many things from the travel trip: how these countries Mexico, Centro America and South America are so different economically and culturally from the U.S., although they are apart of the New World like US and Canada. These countries have Indigenous people like US and Canada.


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