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It was so blue and clear an hour ago, but now it grayed over. Oh! Hurry sun return back. The sun returned blue and became warmer by ll:30 a.m.

Lately been working on paper works for various projects.

I like to view birds and take their pictures. This bird had a spotted feather coat with black spots on chest. I didn’t notice until I uploaded the picture that the bird has a black patch on front of it’s chest.  It has red on it’s head.  Do not view many birds like this during winter. The small swallow birds returned. Mark says swallows send out a scout to scout the place out for the rest of the swallows.  I can tell if a bird is a swallow. It’s small, grayish and flies fast, dips in and out, all over the place.


Food Inc.-Saw a documentary last night, Food Inc. directed by Robert Kenner on PBS about the food industry in the U.S., how the food corporations control the U.S. federal government in regulations. The documentary confirmed for me what happens about food, food corporations and other corporations in the U.S., which I heard about through stories here and there in the news. The documentary broke down the food chain and explained information from the farmers’ point-of-view: chicken houses, beef and milk, farmers, and other individuals affected by the system such as salmonella. The documentary illustrated the process of how beef is prepared for the public to eat, where beef cows are kept to prepare for slaughter and how meat is grounded in the market. The cows are kept in huge corrals, squeezed together. The worse scenario of this is when some cows stand up, they are surrounded by their own feces to their knees. Another scene showed the run off of feces with water onto land, which I suspect is when/where/why the outbreaks of salmonella happens with lettuces and other vegetables.

Two major scenes were intercut into all of this. A woman’s child died from salmonella poisoning. The mother of this child visited her Congress person or Food Administration office to complain about her child’s death, but not anything was done. She was saddened and frustrated by her lack of justice within the system. The other scene, showed a farmer who seemed to be independent of the food corporations. He raised chickens, had milk cows and raised cows for beef. His chickens had a lot of space to move around in. His cattle ate grass, had a lot of range to move and eat in. It looked for more sanitary than the beef houses, huge corrals which had a 1,000 cows it seems. That farmer said that he would not exchange places with the other farmers with contracts with the major food corporations. Most of the farmers with contracts with the food corporations turned down the filmmaker’s request to interview because they were not allowed since they did not want to get terminated or experience whatever negative consequence. Also, none of the food corporations were interviewed because they did not want to be interviewed.

Never was I too enthused about classic documentary filmmaking, but viewing Food Inc. was  different. My prejudice disappeared because the documentary informed me about a topic I am very interested in. The documentary showed me how food corporations in the U.S are corrupt. I thought, huh, other corporations like uranium and coal mining in the U.S. are as guilty or more corrupt with greed than the food corporations.  Or they must be all equal in corruption.  I read a book about uranium mining in the U.S. called If You Poison Us, Uranium and Native Americans, 1994 by Peter H. Eichstaedt. The book described the truth and how ugly it is. Corporations and the U.S. federal government worked together for their interests and do not care if people die, a warped contradiction for the “Home of the Free.” Where did the constitution disappear to? Why did the U.S. have a war with England? Many treaties were signed between the U.S. and Native American Nations. Many were broken by the U.S. An agreement is an agreement. A treaty is an agreement? Right? That is what I view in all of this, the tip of the iceberg. I am not a politician, but I am aware of some things.


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