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Walk in Beauty. Need to clarify my point-of-view about the Immigration Law Bill 1070 in Arizona. I grew up in Arizona and lived there until I was 22 years old. I notice the mainstream news focuses upon the fact that people are of Hispanic heritage. Yes, it is a large part of the issue. However, the mainstream media misses the point totally again. Another part of the issue of Bill 1070 which is just as important is that the Bill 1070 affects people of color, anyone who looks or acts suspicious to the police. Indigenous people are included. These people will be questioned about their identity, which will be a mistaken

identity.  Perpetuate the stereotypes.  For example, some Indigenous people from Arizona who have dark skin like me or other Indigenous peoples—of course, some Indigenous peoples have a mixture of Spanish within their culture like the Yaqui, may possibly be mistaken for not being citizens of the US, when in fact they are. Also, to insinuate that a person with brown skin is a not citizen of the US when in fact, Indigenous people already have lived here long before the European colonists arrived is wrong.  It’s like saying for example in Vancouver BC, that any woman who walks in the wrong neighborhood of town is a prostitute right off,  which is what the mainstream public assumes or stereotypes about Indigenous women in Vancouver BC because the mainstream public is racist towards Indigenous women and peoples in Canada, which is a scene in The Graffiti video drama.  During WWII the Japanese were collected and put in camps because US and Canada thought the Japanese who were citizens of US were enemies and “dangerous.”  What about Nazism and the Jewish people, Nazis prejudice towards Jewish people? Those prejudices were wrong, too.  Did we learn from it?  Apparently not.  US and Canada hardly ever learns anything from their histories and lessons in the way they treat the people, Indigenous peoples of world and the environment of the land: the birds, animals, insects and all the living things.  Fascist.  I back up Noam Chomsky and what he expressed in a speech at the University of Wisconsin in April that the US will experience fascism. This is the beginning of it or it is here.  Only way to be positive is: pray to Creator that people see/admit their mistakes, help people who have physical and mental issues to overcome, help people out with physical disasters that have happened in the world.  

How is Indigenous taught in elementary and high schools?  Do parents teach their children that various types of people exist.  Do not assume about people  Better to ask if someone is Indigenous than to speak in Espanol and think that she/he with dark skin is Spanish?  Come on! Document incidents with a video camera or audio equipment to obtain evidence in case a person is stopped.  To help each other. Pray for the world to be balanced as the Dine’ expresses in to  “Walk in Beauty.”


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