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Happy Mother’s Day!

Yesterday I shot these pictures at an artificial lake built in the middle of Surrey. Sometimes like yesterday I will view a blue heron, a bird common to this area. Blue heron bird is huge and a good looking bird. Every time I see it, it seems to be looking for fish to eat.

The earth is our mother.

Creator made our mother

so we’ve got to treat her right,

our mother.

My own mother lives South of here.

I wish I could visit my parents

but I can’t right  now.

Someday to visit, I hope.

But I have to visit because it’s

been a long, long time

since I’ve viewed, heard and smelled my home.

It’s a lot different than here in everything.

Oh, I wish I could visit my  home.

Just thought about mothers and what a mother represents. I have several homes. Not only one.

Marvin Gaye wrote a song or maybe another songwriter with him, wrote Mercy, Mercy Mercy which is about the environment.  It’s such a strong song and one of my favorites.  The song made me wonder, what state of mind was he or what state of mind were the songwriters when they wrote the song.   I’d have to check on it about the songwriter or songwriters.  Either way, the songwriter or the songwriters and I view the world  very similar in vision: how I feel about people, unemployment, the world and the environment.  The song makes me sad because what the song says is true. I knew Marvin Gaye wasn’t a perfect human being, but who is perfect anyhow? Not anyone; yet the media lets on that there are perfect people out there.  Lots of people do not think that this kind of soul, rhythm and blues jazz music can present strong messages about the world, but it has.  What’s Goin On album proves it. Luv this album.


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